Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Is Getting a New Name

Oh, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese: Our companion on the darkest and coldest of nights, the warmest and brightest of nights, and really any night. It turns out, our dear friend is getting a rebrand, and I don’t mean a septum piercing, tattoo, and bangs. No, I’m talking about a name change. And ladies and gents, it’s a doozy.

Drrrrrrrrrrumrolllllll please! Kraft Macaroni and Cheese’s new name is… Rebecca! Just kidding, the real new name is “Kraft Mac & Cheese.” (Although I do think Rebecca would’ve been great.) That’s right, the popular Kraft product will now officially be called exactly what we have all been calling it all along. All they did is drop the “roni” and swap in an ampersand. Anticlimactic, much? Though if we’re being real, I think we all sort of wish we could drop the “roni” from our lives these days (and by that I mean the Coronavirus).

But it’s not just the name that got a glow up. The packaging is more chic and modern-looking too, with a fancier new font. Kraft also seems to be leaning into the macaroni smile on the front of the new package, making it much larger and bolder than before. It’s like they’re saying, “We know we are fake and orange, but we taste AWESOME and will make you smile, so it’s worth buying a box.” (We all make conversation with the mac and cheese boxes in the grocery store aisles, right? I always make sure to stop and say hi.) 

The new packaging is set to hit shelves in August, so if for whatever reason you are in love with the old packaging, or simply hate change, I’d stock up now!

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  • They rebranded it in Canada, streamlining Kraft Dinner to KD.