Krispy Kreme Teamed Up with Cinnamon Toast Crunch to Make Breakfast Dreams Come True

Over the past two years, I have been to Krispy Kreme exactly four times: for a free vaccine doughnut, for free graduation doughnuts, for a free National Doughnut Day doughnut, and for another free vaccine doughnut (that time they gave us each four because it was the end of the day—Krispy Kreme truly is the realest).

You get the idea. I get free stuff there, and that’s about it. However, Krispy Kreme just dropped a limited-time-only collaboration that I may have to pony up some actual money for. Who is this mysterious and awesome collaborator? Why, none other than Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The king of cereals and the fluffiest of doughnuts: a match made in breakfast heaven.

This actually isn’t the first time CTC and Krispy Kreme have released a collaborative confection. Last year they came out with their first, a cinnamon roll with an added topping of crispety, crunchety CTC and a cereal milk icing swirl. This new effort, however, is the duo’s first-ever take on doughnuts, and, boy, do these puppies sound good.

dessert for breakfast

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Breakfast comes in all shapes and sizes: liquid (smoothie), solid (pancakes), leftovers (yesterday’s pizza), and now I am proposing a new category––dessert.

There are three kinds of doughnuts in the new line, each themed around the cereal milk left over after eating a bowl of sweet, sweet CTC. They’ve got a cinnamon-milk glazed doughnut, a cinnamon-milk glazed doughnut with cream cheese icing and cereal pieces on top, and a cinnamon-milk glazed doughnut with dulce de leche and cereal pieces on top. The dulce de leche and cream cheese icing flavors are apparently also topped with a light sprinkling of cinnamon sugar. Quite honestly, these sound like perfect doughnuts. I don’t have much more to say than “I want it” and “please give it, please.” These doughnuts are available at Krispy Kreme locations now, while supplies last.

Get ’em while the “hot now” sign is on, and you’re really living.

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