Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts You Can Get at the Grocery Store

Oh, dads. They do the grilling and the puns and the randomly making up exceedingly nonsensical songs while doing mundane tasks (and the songs are called things like “If I Were Chicken” that’s right, not “a chicken,” just “chicken.” The food, not the animal. Banger of a song actually). Oh, is that just my dad? Ahem, anyways, dads contain multitudes is what I am trying to say, and so it’s a good thing that there is a multitude of great Father’s Day gifts you can find right at your local grocery store for minimum planning ahead and maximum make-your-dad’s-day-ification. So without dilly-daddle-ing any further, here is our list of Father’s Day food gifts we think your dad will love.

If you are picking up hot dogs as a Father’s Day gift, a.) your dad needs to be a grill dad so you can ensure these will bring him joy, and b.) it needs to be Hebrew National Beef Franks. They are big, juicy, and perfectly seasoned. As Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo put it, the “salt, spice, garlic powder, and paprika combine to create a juicy bite of beef that’s so good the hot dog starts to flavor the hot dog bun itself with its deliciously spiced beef juices.” And if that doesn’t sound ideal to you, I don’t know what would (or maybe you’re vegan in which case peep #2).

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We are getting to that point where there are enough Millennial dads out there that there are a fair number of vegan dads now in circulation. And whether you are a vegan dad looking to buy a gift for yourself or a kid of a vegan dad looking to get him a vegan treat, these Beyond Brats are the way to go. They have a great snap from the casing (rare in a vegan sausage), as well as an “indescribable ‘meat’  flavor” in addition to all the bratwurst spices that really push this one over the top. Certainly one of the more solid Father’s Day food gifts out there for your vegan grill dad.

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Get this for him along with either one or two on this list. Unless you have one of those prank dads. Then just get him this. He’ll love it. Maybe he’ll squirt some of the mustard out onto a canvas and frame it, who knows?! Prank dads are very unpredictable. Also, this is the best mustard around, with Jordan Myrick (or resident mustard connoisseur) calling it “extremely tart, sharp, and zingy” and “the most mustardy mustard” of the ones we tried.

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Dietz & Watson Kosher Pickle Spears

Fact: All dads love pickles. I don’t know why or how I know this, but I feel like I have never met a pickle-hating dad. That being said, not all pickles were created equal, and Dietz & Watson makes an elite pickle that is so good it could definitely work if you are looking for Father’s Day food gifts. Senior writer Jordan Myrick (who is not only a mustard connoisseur but also a pickle connoisseur), described these winning pickles as “crunchy, flavorful, and juicy. They’re briney without being too salty. They’re a classic dill pickle in the best way possible.” In other words, pickles are good Father’s Day gifts, and these are good pickles. Your dad will love ’em.

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Second Fact: All dads love peanut butter and chocolate. My dad does, Rhett & Link do, and while that is only three data points, that is a 100% success rate, so I am going to quit while I’m ahead (~science~). Point is, many dads love this combo but probably haven’t had a Whatchamacallit. Well, get ready, dads, because this thing has “a thin, delicate coating of chocolate; a slightly salty, peanut buttery flavor; a little bit of a crisp-rice crunch; and chew from the luscious caramel within.” Managing editor Gwynedd Stuart described it as being almost like a flatter, wider Snickers (without the peanuts and with an excellent crunch). Truly one of the best candy bars for your chocolate and peanut butter-lovin’ father.

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Back to Nature Peanut Butter Creme Cookies

Third fact: I’m aware my sample size doesn’t make for very strong data, but I assure you this is a thing. To that end, the last of the grocery store Father’s Day gifts I will recommend are these absolutely fabulous peanut butter cookies. Jordan noted that these are strong without being too nutty, plus they are, “the perfect balance of sweet and salty” and the texture is spot on with the cookie being, “crunchy, while still being tender and crumbly.” This is like a gourmet Nutter Butter and it happens to be vegan. So whether you have a vegan dad, a grill dad, or just a dad who likes peanut butter a whole dang lot, add these to your list of Father’s Day gifts this year and watch your dad go nuts for these (had to have at least one dad joke in this Father’s Day article).

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