Lay’s Is Bringing Back Its Original Flamin’ Hot Recipe After Fans Demanded It

“What do you mean Lay’s is ‘bringing back’ their original Flamin’ Hot potato chip recipe?” you might be thinking. “I wasn’t aware it ever left!” You and me both, pal. But it turns out that, indeed, Lay’s made the (apparently very controversial) decision last year to change the recipe of their Flamin’ Hot potato chips. People were so outraged that they took to the streets (okay, they took to the internet) to convince Frito-Lay to bring back their beloved original Flamin’ Hot flavor.

There was even a petition, started by a disgruntled Flamin’ Hot fan who laid out exactly what he thought went wrong with the new iteration of the flavor in what can only be described as an impassioned screed. The petition amassed more than 23,500 signatures over the last year. Cool? Yes. Insane? Also yes.

The main grievance, apparently, was that people felt like Lay’s was trying to emulate Takis by making their chips more spicy and sour with a hint of lime. But no one can beat Takis at being Takis! That’s a battle any brand would lose. According to the creator of the petition, the original Flamin’ Hot chips “weren’t the spiciest when compared to other Flamin’ Hot and spicy flavors out on the market, [but] it gave its niche audience everything they were looking for. All the subtle spice notes, the crunch and airy texture you can only find with a Lay’s Potato Chip, it was truly a match made in heaven.” Oh, he also made a YouTube video addressing his complaints. Overall, his point was that while he likes Takis, what he wants from Flamin’ Hot Lay’s Potato Chips is that endless snackability that comes with less acute spice and acidity.

And it looks like Lay’s listened to the people, because the original highly snackable Flamin’ Hot Lay’s are officially back on the shelves. The petition has been updated to reflect the change, with a comment that basically says, WE DID IT, THEY’RE COMING BACK! Lay’s will reportedly be sending “personal apology letters,” along with coupons for free chips, to the die-hard fans who reached out to complain about the recipe change. And the company also did a giveaway on May 18 (the day the old recipe officially returned) where people could enter for a chance to win a “customized Original Lay’s Flamin’ Hot bag.”

There’s a lot to be said for not only owning your mistakes but changing your behavior. Way to reflect and evolve, Lay’s! Truthfully, I’ve never tried Lay’s Flamin’ Hot potato chips (which is an oversight on my part; I generally love that kind of thing), so it looks like I may just have to change my ways. Sorry, Lay’s! 

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