Lay’s Layers Are a Highly Snackable Twist on a Classic Chip

Lay’s Layers are essentially puffy and crispy Lay’s chips. They’re the Doritos 3D of the Lay’s world, a unique twist on a beloved classic. Around the Sporked office, Lay’s chips remain divisive. Yes, they’re a little plain, but me? I love ‘em for their light, crispy, greasy qualities. I like tasting the potato itself and Lay’s brings that potato flavor. But, will Lay’s Layers prove to be a worthy iteration of this iconic chip? Or is it a failed experiment doomed to haunt the bowels of discontinued items? Let’s find out.

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Lay’s Layers Sour Cream & Onion

These have a strong onion flavor that lingers in your mouth. If you’re a freak who loves onions, go ahead and pick these up. They’ve also got that classic, cheesy tang we have all come to expect from a sour cream and onion chip. Lay’s Layers are so light (just like an original Lay’s) that I could see myself absolutely inhaling a bag of these. They’re also quite crunchy. I attribute the crunch and pronounced potato flavor to the addition of potato starch. Potato starch is often responsible for crispiness, so it’s good to see it labeled in the ingredients here. This feels like a Lay’s chip and they have a strong bite. For those reasons, I’ve got to give props.




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Lay’s Layers Three Cheese 

Cheddar cheese, parmesan, and some buttermilk combine to provide the cheesy bite of these Lay’s Layers. The flavor is a bit subtle, but it’s there. I think the problem is that the cheddar flavoring on a light, puffy chip doesn’t adhere as well as it does to a dense cheese curl. This doesn’t pack as much cheese flavor as a nacho cheese Dorito or a cheese ball. That said, if you want a light, airy, crunchy chip puff with subtle flavor, this is your snack. In my opinion, not as good as the sour cream and onion, though.




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  • Real talk- smell the bag of the three cheese after opening- its like an armpit and burp had a scented love child.
    I’m not a fan because the bite breakdown is a little too easy- almost feels like a snack for more soft-toothed people.
    Have not had the SC&O, but again, may not because of lack of structure through the bite.

  • They tasted ok but the smell of them in the bag was so bad, I had to throw the rest away/get the smell out if my house. 🤢