An Honest Review of the New League of Legends Coke Ultimate

What’s the new Coke flavor? It’s Coke Ultimate or, as it’s more casually known, League of Legends Coke. I don’t play League of Legends but I do drink Coke. So, any time there’s a new Coke flavor out there, I run out to try it—even when it’s created in partnership with a game I’ve never played and will never play (I play Zelda and whatever Mario game is out there and that is the full extent of my gaming repertoire). But is the limited edition Riot Games x Coca-Cola collaboration any good? I grabbed a mini can to find out. 

league of legends coke

New Coke Flavor!

Coke Ultimate

First impression: Coca-Cola Ultimate looks like caffeine free Coke thanks to the gold on the can. But that’s where the comparison stops (thank god for that, caffeine free Coke always tasted like old Diet Coke to me). It smells fruity, almost like you poured Kool-Aid into the can. The Coke Ultimate flavor, though, is all tropical. It tastes like Coke mixed with Hawaiian Punch. But then there’s a hint of artificial bitterness on the end, which is reminiscent of grenadine, making it taste like a canned Roy Rogers (they should make those). Managing editor Gwynedd Stuart noted that it tastes a lot like watermelon, as well—fake watermelon, of course, but not Jolly Rancher watermelon. More like watermelon LaCroix. Really, it tastes like someone went wild with a Coke Freestyle and the Coke team decided to can it and say it was a League of Legends thing. Should you seek it out? No. It’s definitely not one of the best Coke flavors out there. But if you’re a Coke completionist you should try it. And even if you’re just curious, it’s worth picking up at a gas station on a road trip. It’ll give you and your driving partner something to talk about. What? Like you had a better conversation topic in mind.

Credit: Liv Averett / Coca-Cola




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