The First Oat Milk Salad Dressing Hit Stores This Week

You’ve heard of oat milk being used as a dairy substitute in coffee, cereal, and heck, even cheese! But have you heard of oat milk salad dressing? It’s unlikely, because the first ever oat milk-based dressing came out this week. Marzetti’s new line of Simply Plant Based dressings offer vegans the option to slather their salads in creamy, greasy dressing, just like the rest of us! Adding plant-based dressing to a salad is what one could refer to as (in the voice of Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec) “plantz on plantz on plantz.” But this dressing isn’t just for vegans. It’s also for the lactose intolerant, people who love the taste of oat milk, and anyone else who’s bold and curious in their salad dressing choices.

Now let’s talk about the flavors. Marzetti is keeping it relatively simple, which makes sense since it’s a brand new product line. The three flavors are: Ranch, Caesar, and Lemon Basil. Two classics and a wildcard! Ingredients include canola oil, faba bean protein, and xanthan gum to keep things nice and thicc. And to ensure that these dressings live up to their dairy-originated brethren, the ranch and Caesar dressings have been “emulsified with oat milk for a creamy finish.”

According to the company website, the ranch and Caesar dressings are mainly enriched with oat milk, while the lemon basil dressing gets its satisfying viscosity from cauliflower purée (this strikes me as even more plant-based even though I know oats are a plant). The ranch dressing has notes of “savory garlic, onion and herbs,” and the Caesar is “full of savory flavors of roasted garlic, Worcestershire and even has a ‘cheesy’ flavor.” CHEESY FLAVOR?! If that isn’t enough to get you excited, regardless of your plant-based status, I don’t know what is. Although to be honest, they had me at savory. I know that seems like a low bar for excitement, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for umami.

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