You Can Now Get M&M’s…Sneakers?

It’s finally here! The collab that probably at least a few people have been waiting for! Iiiiiiiiiiiit’s (pause for effect) Adidas and M&M’s? Yep, you heard me right. Starting today, you can buy a pair of shoes called the M&M’s X Adidas Originals Forum Low 84 sneakers.

My first reaction—like many of you, I’m sure—was confusion. Chocolate sneakers?!?! Once those puppies heat up, the person wearing them is going to have a serious problem afoot (hehe). My second thought was that, fine, they’re probably not made of chocolate (ugh, boring), but if not that then what is the deal? Well, it seems to be all in the design, and the design seems to resemble a pack of Peanut M&M’s.

Not only are these yellow shoes sporting brown Adidas stripes, “perforated M lettering on the toe box”, and a removable M&M’s flag on the side, they also come with “customizable, swappable touches” including six different colors of laces (in the six original M&M’s colors), 20 different “lace jewels” (thingies that adorn your laces like Jibbitz do to Crocs), three pairs of Velcro straps because these shoes come decked out with laces and Velcro for some reason (these things are not slipping off), and even more attachable little details you’ll just have to see to believe. Even the insoles have M&Ms on them. And, apparently, the sneakers even come in a unique yellow shoebox inspired by Peanut M&M’s packaging.

Starting today, April 19, these tasty lookin’ (but inedible) sneaks became available globally through for $150 and at certain shoe stores around the world.

Honestly, I’m not sure how to feel about these. I’m not usually a “bright yellow shoes” kinda gal, but, hey. If anything could sway me to become one, it’s the fact that with these shoes I could maybe, even just for a fraction of a second, convince someone my shoes were made of chocolate and my feet are made of peanuts. Maybe. Or at the very least, they’d be a conversation starter.

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