The Iconic M&M’s Spokescandies Will Cease to Exist

I’m absolutely devastated to report that M&M’s famous spokescandies will no longer be part of the brand’s marketing.

The decision to cancel the chocolate-filled characters comes after M&M’s faced backlash from conservatives for making these fictional, animated candies too “woke” by featuring an all-female cast on a limited edition package and trading out Green’s heels for more comfortable sneakers.

Additionally, M&M’s recently introduced a new M&M, the purple M&M, with a video entitled “I’m just gonna to be me.” And while the song is insufferable, the message is very nice. Spurred on by one OAN host’s speculation, some far right groups were upset that the positive jingle might mean the new purple peanut M&M is transgender. In my opinion, though, that would rock. The company has not verified the gender identity of the purple M&M.

After growing outrage over literally nothing, M&M’s has decided to leave behind the once beloved candy characters for good. (Does this mean the end of the annual airing of the iconic “They Do Exist” commercial? Only time will tell.) Actress and comedian Maya Rudolph will be replacing the animated talking treats as M&M’s new “Chief of Fun.” Congrats, Maya! You have big shoes to fill.

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  • Obvious Super Bowl Commercial stunt. Much like killing off the Planter’s Peanut Guy.

    • I really hope so

  • I thought this was a parody article. Oy.

  • Conservatives don’t ruin everything, rational people are simply sick of identity politics in commercial endeavors. The woke mob are the ones that tend to ruin everything and spit vitriol to anybody who doesnt fully embrace every ideological viewpoint they have. The woke mob is still having a crying fit over Hogwarts’ Legacy being a commercial success because JK Rowling believes biology exists and that doesn’t mesh with their agenda they keep trying to push in every product and piece of media. Weird woke liberals are the reason why everything has to be tailored to diversity in the first place, race swapping characters, pushing identity politics before writing compelling characters and going back to this piece why Mars removed the genders from the M&Ms in the first place setting the company down a progressively more woke agenda until it came to a head.

    • lol get a hobby

  • This whole article feels pretty inappropriate. I don’t come here for political commentary, I come here for food rankings and the occasional laugh. (P.s. I’m not conservative)

    • you dont have to read it 🙂

  • Keep the characters in whatever form. Anyone having that much time to pay attention have too much time on their hands. Who cares. Someone or group may like certain character’s better that others. Entertainment has been that way forever.