Purple M&M Is Here and She’s Already an Icon

Back in early September of 2022, M&M’s teased that something new was in the works, and all signs pointed to a new purple M&M. Well, you won’t find any purple candies in the next bag of Peanut M&M’s you buy, but a purple character just joined Yellow, Red, Green, and co. as one of the brand’s Spokescandies. Purple M&M is the first new character the brand has introduced in a decade, and they did it up big with a little song-and-dance number entitled “I’m Just Gonna Be Me.” She stands for individuality, inclusiveness, and peanuts, apparently.

The new Purple M&M will be the first female peanut M&M and the third peanut character in the M&M’s menagerie. Purple seems to have some tricks up her sleeves, as her debut is not a Super Bowl commercial or a statue reveal as it was with Ms. Brown. In fact, Purple’s reveal shows her dancing, completing puzzles, and singing about being her authentic self. Purple’s debut song will be available across all streaming platforms and comes with a promise from M&M’s that for each stream the brand will donate $1 (with a total cap of $500k) to the non-profit Sing for Hope, which aims to spread hope and connection through music.

One thing we are noting as M&M’s introduces and redefines its existing cast of characters is that M&M’s is striving to be an inclusive brand, with no person (or peanut-shaped chocolate candy) left behind. The Purple M&M herself celebrates being awkward while mustering up the courage to be herself in her big debut to the world. She might not have too much rhythm or poise, but what she lacks in those arenas she makes up for in the three Ps: personality, being purple, and peanuts. We can’t wait to see what kinds of quirky situations Purple gets into following her debut.

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