Are Trader Joe’s Ube Pretzels the Perfect Purple Snack?

When I read that Trader Joe’s was making ube-covered pretzels, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. I’ve always been a fan of the salty-sweet combo that is a coated pretzel, and ube is one of my favorite flavors on the face of the Earth. I knew I needed to try them, so I immediately placed a TJ’s order and had a bag delivered to the Sporked offices so I could see if they were really the snack of my dreams.

ube pretzels illustration


Trader Joe’s Ube Pretzels

I wanted with every fiber of my being for these pretzels to be the best things I’ve ever tasted. While they’re good, they’re not giving the ube I want out of an ube-flavored product. The pretty purple coating on the pretzels tastes more like cinnamon sugar than ube. If that’s your jam, you should definitely buy these! Or if you’re someone who just generally loves pretzels coated in sweet stuff, you should also check these out.

But, if you’re in it exclusively for ube, you will probably be disappointed. Ube lovers beware. Covered pretzel lovers rejoice!

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  • In my defense, I think I’ve had an ube flavored thing once? But I kinda loved these. My boyfriend and I went through a bag in a few days and I went and got another right after because of how nice they were for snacking. I do agree that the flavor was closer to purple than ube, but I still liked them!