Mtn Dew Purple Thunder *Might* Be at a Grocery Store Near You

Mtn Dew Purple Thunder may sound like Derek Zoolander’s newest really, really, ridiculously good looking model pose, but it’s actually a really, really, ridiculously intriguing soda that was pretty elusive for a long time. Purple Thunder Mtn Dew, which made its debut in May 2022, has raised a lot of eyebrows, not just because of its unique flavor (we’ll get to that in a sec), but because you could only get it at Circle K-owned convenience stores. According to Instagram soda news source Sodaseeekers, this bold purple pop just got easier to find—so long as you live near a store owned by a certain popular grocery chain.

Okay, so now you’re wondering where to buy Mtn Dew Purple Thunder, right? And how about that Mtn Dew Purple Thunder flavor?

Before we get into the news of it all, let’s talk about what Mtn Dew Purple Thunder tastes like. According to the bottle/can, the intended flavor profile is “Dew with a blast of Berry Plum” flavor. Basically, Dew plus the purplest fruits known to man.. Did they nail it? That’s debatable. Some reviewers have said that Mtn Dew Purple Thunder tastes almost exactly like Mtn Dew Pitch Black, which was originally Black Grape flavored but has more recently been described by the brand as “Dark Citrus Punch” flavor. Other soda stans have said it has a distinctly different flavor than Pitch Black with notes of both berry and plum. (We’ll remain neutral since we’ve yet to taste it and this is the sort of thing people get really serious about.)

While Mtn Dew Purple Thunder was originally only available at Circle K stores, Sodaseekers reported this week that the soda is now available at Kroger-owned grocery stores, which are located across the U.S. under various names (you can see them all here). The bright purple bev comes in its usual 20 ounce individual bottles, as well as a new 12-pack of 12-ounce cans, which will be perfect for all your purple party occasions, like Grimace’s birthday or an alternate reality where the Ravens made it into this year’s Super Bowl. You know, your standard party choices. 

According to Sodaseekers, Mtn Dew Purple Thunder is set to come out in a zero sugar variant, in both cans and bottles, later in the year. And I’ll be sure to grab both as soon as I can because I need to be able to say I’ve tasted Purple Thunder at least once in my life.

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