Mtn Dew’s New Purple Flavor Is Only Available in One Store

Mtn Dew just will not stop coming up with new flavors! First Flamin’ Hot, then Legend (a berry, citrus, ginger situation only available at BWW), and now PURPLE THUNDER.

The name isn’t actually in all-caps, I just can’t imagine anyone saying the words “PURPLE THUNDER” in lowercase. Every time the words go through my brain it’s in the voice of the “THIS SUMMER” guy from movie trailers. Anyway, enough about the name, what does PURPLE THUNDER taste like? And where can we get it?!

PURPLE THUNDER, it would seem, tastes like purple. What I mean by that is that, according to the press release, the company picked the deepest, darkest, most purpley fruits and made them the stars of this hellishly heliotrope concoction. Which fruits, you ask? Why, it’s blackberries and plums—an unheard-of combination when it comes to American soft drinks. Blackberry we see a lot but plum? I know what plums taste like in real life, but it seems like a bit of a hard-to-accurately-replicate sort of flavor. Not that I feel like original Mtn Dew is particularly known for its spot-on flavor (I mean, I’ve had a lime before and Mtn Dew does not taste like that). I’m Intrigued—enough to actively seek out this drink.

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Whiiiiiich brings us to the next fact about this release: It’s only being sold at Circle K, a gas station/convenience store that can be found in most states (although not all, I checked). The drink will be sold both on tap and in bottles, which are adorned with labels depicting a “biker gang of Dew characters—including a plum and blackberry enjoying the sweetest ride of their life.” Cute. 

It’s a new Mtn Dew flavor and a new day. THIS SUMMER, I may just have to head on down to the Circle K and pick up a bit of PURPLE THUNDER if for no other reason than to find out what artificial plum tastes like.

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  • I can’t have flame in hot but this is OK I don’t like it that hot anyway

  • Actually picked this up in a Holiday Gas Station on tap in Southern MN. It was pretty good.