New Mtn Dew Review! We Tasted Baja Point Break Punch

Happy Bajaversary, everyone! How are you celebrating 20 years of Mtn Dew Baja Blast? Did you make a wish on the first surfer you saw wipeout? Did you eat a feast of teal-colored foods? Did you leave your Big Dogs shirt out for the Baja Hobgoblin to fill with wrap-around sunglasses and visors? I honored the occasion by trying one of the newest additions to the Baja lineup: Mtn Dew Baja Point Break Punch. 

Recently released along with Mtn Dew Baja Laguna Lemonade (which we have yet to get our hands on), Mtn Dew Baja Point Break Punch is, essentially, Mtn Dew fruit punch. The can is decorated, in true Baja fashion, with an octopus in a bucket hat, various splashes, fruits like pineapple and cherry, and, confusingly, rings that appear to me to be Life Savers candies. The vibes are all there. But is it any good? As Sporked’s reluctant Mtn Dew expert, I tried it to find out.

Mtn Dew Baja Point Break Punch

New Baja Flavor!

Mtn Dew Baja Point Break Punch

If you’ve been missing the fruit punch of your youth, Mtn Dew has finally answered your prayers with a can of caffeinated, carbonated Mtn Dew fruit punch. 

Pros: It really captures that fruit punch flavor. I’m not talking about fruit punch made with actual fruits—Baja Point Break Punch proudly boasts that it contains 0% juice on the can. I’m talking about the kind of fruit punch that permanently stains your mouth neon red. That kind of fruit punch flavor. It’s fruity in a pleasantly nondescript way. It’s bold. And it’s very sweet, but if you get a really cold can, the chill and the fizz help cut the sweetness. It’s no Purple Thunder, but Point Break Punch is a welcome addition to the Mtn Dew flavor family

Cons: As I said, it’s sweet, and it has the sugar content to prove it. There’s 44 grams of sugar in a can (that’s five more grams than a can of Coke). And it has 170 calories per can (31 more calories than a can of Coke). I’m not saying this is a con for everyone, but it might make a few folks pause before gulping down a full can.

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