We Finally Tasted Mtn Dew Purple Thunder

For years, Mtn Dew Purple Thunder was only available at Circle K—and only sometimes. We searched for it when it first made its appearance and came up empty. But now, Mtn Dew Purple Thunder is sold at Kroger stores! And, more importantly, we were actually able to find it! So, we can finally review this new(ish) addition to the line-up of Mtn Dew flavors. 

Mtn Dew Purple Thunder

New(ish) Mtn Dew Flavor!

Mtn Dew Purple Thunder

I’m still relatively new to the world of Mtn Dew. But it’s growing on me. I appreciate the bold colors and singular focus on sweetness. Having recently tasted a bunch for our ranking of Mtn Dew flavors, I was able to taste this purple Mtn Dew with the best and the worst flavors fresh in my mind. And? Let’s just say, we need to update that ranking again because Mtn Dew Purple Thunder deserves a spot right at the top of that list.  

Pros: I was afraid that Mtn Dew Purple Thunder would taste like carbonated grape Dimetapp, like so many other artificially grape-flavored things do. But it doesn’t taste medicinal at all. It tastes like grape fruit punch. It’s bold and fruity and sweet and wonderfully fizzy. In fact, this might be the best Mtn Dew flavor I’ve ever tasted. Plus, it’s a gorgeous shade of purple—like a neon violet. Is it the color of something that belongs in your body? Probably not! But if you’re downing a can of Mtn Dew, you really shouldn’t care about such trivial things. 

Cons: I really don’t have anything negative to say about the Mtn Dew Purple Thunder flavor. It’s lacking in acidity, but so is every other Mtn Dew flavor. That’s just not what Mtn Dew is about. If you like Mtn Dew, then there’s no reason you won’t love Mtn Dew Purple Thunder.

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  • Plum? Kind of gross after a while. Why can’t they keep a grape flavor on the shelves?

  • Literally has no grape flavor at all. It’s Berry Plum flavor, and it is delicious. One of Mtn Dew’s more subtle flavors. Very sweet, but mildly fruity.

    • Grape is a berry, including by the strict botanical definition, so “literally has no grape flavor at all” seems a bit over-the-top, like you just want to tell them they’re wrong. I’d have agreed with you if you just politely pointed out that it doesn’t specifically say it’s grape.

  • It’s not grape flavor. It’s flavored with plum tastes nothing like grape