Mtn Dew’s New Halloween Mystery Flavor Dropped, but What Is It?

Oooh is there anything more enticing than a mystery flavor?! You’ve heard of mystery-flavored Dum-Dums; you’ve heard of White Mystery Airheads; but have you heard of the mystery flavor Mtn Dew? It’s quite possible that you have, because since 2019, Mountain Dew has been releasing a new Halloween mystery flavor called VooDEW every year, and this year’s has just dropped at select stores.

So what does this year’s Mtn Dew mystery flavor taste like? Strawberry? Peeled grapes? Revenge?

The flavor changes every year. Back in 2019, the mystery VooDEW flavor was revealed to be Candy Corn. The 2020 mystery flavor, which had people pretty stumped, turned out to be Fruit Candy Explosion (which as far as I can tell was similar to Skittles). Last year’s flavor was Fruit Candy Chews, which looked suspiciously like Starburst in this reveal video.

That brings us to 2022’s Mtn Dew mystery flavor, which is officially released today at select stores (and will likely roll out in more locations in the coming weeks). Some people ave already managed to get their hands on some and have shared their guesses about the flavor, which so far include (but are not limited to): Nerds, White Mystery Airhead, lemon and blue raspberry, and citrus cherry. But the most common guess so far is: Sour Patch Kids. Based on all of these guesses, it sounds like this may be a very sour/citric acid-heavy mystery VooDEW flavor, which is pretty darn exciting to me as a big citrus fan. If someone offered me a bottle of this soda right now, I’d say “don’t mind if I dew!” 

In accordance with VooDEW mystery flavor tradition, we won’t have a definitive answer until Halloween, when the moon is bright, the sky is dark, and the mystery drink’s run on store shelves comes to a close. That’s right, Mountain Dew reveals their mystery drink flavor the same night that it’s discontinued. Iconic! I must have it. So now I’m off to dew what I dew and try to find some mystery dews at my local dewpermarket (okay, I admit that last one was a bit forced). I really dew want to know what this stuff tastes like. So if you get a chance to try it, please dew let me know!

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  • I am tasting “blueberry-orange”. I like it. I got the Zero Sugar BTW.