What We Know So Far About 2023’s Mtn Dew VooDEW (UPDATE: Flavor Revealed!)

It’s Mtn Dew VooDEW season! Not familiar with this widely observed and very important time of the year? Well, every fall, Mtn Dew releases a mystery flavor of Halloween. And even though it’s only spring, images of this year’s packaging are already floating around online. Word is that this year’s mystery flavor will be a collab with a major Halloween candy brand, and you gotta admit that’s pretty intriguing. We may not have all the info now, but that’s certainly not going to stop anyone from speculating about what planet earth’s most prolific soda brand has in store.

What flavor might this year’s Mtn Dew VooDEW be? And what candy brand is in on it? Don’t worry, we dew have some guesses.

In the past, the Mtn Dew VooDEW flavors have been candy flavors, just not specific name-brand candies. For example, in 2019, it was candy corn flavored. In 2020, it was “fruity candy explosion flavor,” whatever that means (Skittles maybe?). In 2021, it was “fruity candy chews” flavored (sounds like off-brand Starburst to me). And in 2022, it was “sour candy flavor,” which was supposedly delicious and tasted a whole lot like Sour Patch Kids, according to Sporked senior writer Jordan Myrick. So what could that leave for good ol’ 2023? My first thought based on the coloring of the packaging was SweeTarts. The coloring in the past hasn’t been a 1:1 match, but then again, in the past, it wasn’t a brand collab, so they didn’t need to worry about anyone else’s IP. As for who’s IP they are having to worry about this year, that remains a mystery. People in the comments of this packaging post by soda blogger Instagram account @SodaSeekers definitely had some intriguing guesses as to what flavor the soda brand would be dew-ing this year. One commenter said they thought it was going to be SweeTarts, too. Another said (for the same packaging color-related reason) that they thought it was Trolli, which I could totally see being true. Trolli and Mtn Dew do have the same exact energy (and, no, I will not be elaborating at this time). Still, other commenters said they hope it will be caramel apple pops flavor, which I could see being either really good or really bad, and another commenter (@scoobysnax_wrx) said, “If this is Reese flavored dew I quit. 😂😂😂” and, honestly, @scoobysnax_wrx? Same.

Mtn Dew VooDEW 2023 will come out this October and will be available through Halloween, when Mtn Dew will simultaneously discontinue it and reveal the flavor. If it is not SweeTarts flavored, my next guesses would be Fun Dip, Tootsie Rolls (which could either be awesome or gross), box of Sun-Maid Raisins (as a hilarious tribute to almond moms), or, I don’t know, Atomic Fireball (it’s just Flamin’ Hot Mtn Dew but cinnamon). Dew you have any guesses? Let us know dew-n in the comments!

UPDATE: Mtn Dew has confirmed in an Instagram post that this year’s Mtn Dew VooDEW flavor is cherry flavored Airheads. One Sporked commenter (Mike Simmons) guessed Twizzler Cherry Nibs, which is pretty darn close. Did you guess the flavor correctly? Our condolences to everyone who was counting on a SweeTarts Mtn Dew. There’s always next year!

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  • I definitely taste root beer bottle caps 😭 literally can not come up with anything else

  • I think the 2023 voodew flavor tastes like either sweetarts or pixi sticks

  • Just tasted the Zero Sugar 2023 edition of VooDoo. It is Twizzler Cherry Nibs!!!!