We Tried New Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone Tips

It’s been a rainy, chilly winter here in Southern California, and that’s made satisfying my ice cream cravings a bit more complicated. Truly, who wants a frozen dessert when their teeth are chattering? How wonderful would it be to have the experience of eating a sundae cone without the bone-chilling ice cream? Well, luckily, our favorite trader has created the most wonderful delicacy: Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone Tips. In theory, these are the perfect solution to our cold conundrum, but do these cone tips hold up to the magical moment of finishing an ice cream cone and biting into the reward of a delicious chocolate-filled tip? We picked up a box to find out.

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Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone Tips

Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone Tips are…nice. They aren’t mind blowing and they definitely don’t live up to the nostalgia of genuine cone tips. However, they are still tasty (I mean, it’s waffle cone filled with chocolate), and if you were sharing them with someone who’d never had a sundae cone before, I think these would blow them away. The concept is good, the flavors used to bring the concept to life are pleasant, but I was hoping the execution would be just a little bit better.

Pros: The concept itself is genius, so that had me on board with Hold the Cone Tips from the get-go. The waffle cone is sturdy and crunchy and mildly sweet rather than being a sugar bomb. The decision to use dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate also prevents the treat from being too sweet and sugary. It’s a grown-up snack. Even if you don’t have a serious sweet tooth, you could happily eat a few of these. 

Cons: Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone Tips are HARD. Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if my molars sustained trauma biting into the rock-solid, conical piece of chocolate nestled within. Besides making the tips hard to eat, the density of the dark chocolate makes the cone tips a little less exciting and a little too dry. There’s a certain moisture that I love in the tip of a sundae cone, which usually results from the ice cream melting and softening the cone tip over time. These just don’t quite live up to their inspiration.




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