Here’s What You Should Be Buying at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market

If the catchy jingle wasn’t enough of a reason to go, Grocery Outlet Bargain Market has some of the best deals in the grocery store game. If you have one near you, you should be shopping there. But what should you buy? I have some suggestions.

I had never heard of this store until my girlfriend showed me the wonder that is Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. Her mom used to work there and she couldn’t believe I had never been to one, much less heard of it. Now, I’m a lifelong fan.

To me, this store feels like a perfect middle ground between a Ralph’s and an Aldi. It’s a little bare bones, but has everything you could want and more for a great price. I’ve compiled a list of the four categories of products you should be purchasing at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market. What are you waiting for?! Go grocery shopping!

Vegan Products

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market has the best selection of vegan products I’ve ever seen in a discount grocery store. They typically carry tons of frozen meat alternatives at a much lower cost than any other store I’ve seen. Additionally, they have plant-based dairy substitutes and vegan snacks. The selection is so impressive. 

Unknown Products from Known Brands

Every single time I’m at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, I see a product I’ve never seen before from a brand I know and love. It’s so much fun! Right now, they have a deal on Frank’s RedHot (the beloved Buffalo sauce) boneless chicken bites. I didn’t know Frank’s made products other than sauce! These revelations are my favorite thing about going to Grocery Outlet Bargain Market.


Grocery Outlet Bargain Market has such a great selection of condiments for such a good price. There are hot sauces, ketchups, and mustards galore. Salad dressing? Take your pick! Anything you could ever want for spreading, dousing, or dunking is at your fingertips in this store.

International Foods

The international food aisles at Grocery Outlet Bargain Market are always impressive. I live in Southern California and my stores have large Asian and Mexican sections. They’re also the only national grocery chain where I’ve regularly found fresh plantains. Who knew Grocery Outlet Bargain Market was so global?

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