I Did Veganuary and These 5 Plant-Based Products Saved My Life

I love a challenge. Walk 10k steps a day for 30 days? Great. Watch 365 movies in 365 days? Done. And this January, I accepted a challenge to eat vegan for the entire month (aka Veganuary).

Since I work at Sporked, I obviously cannot eat vegan all the time. Instead, my girlfriend and I implemented doing Veganuary at home for the month. These five products made my month of vegan eating delicious and easy, and I think you should be adding them into your weekly grocery lists, whether or not you’re vegan.


If you live near an IKEA, go buy these plant-based meatballs. Every time I swing by to purchase a LOMMARP or giant shark stuffed animal, I grab two bags of these vegan meatballs. Are there meatballs that taste more like meat? Absolutely. They’re still delicious, though! And totally neutral. They don’t contain Italian or Chinese seasonings, and that makes them perfect for recipes where you’re looking for a neutral protein. Plus, they hold up well when you cook them. You can toss these into a crock pot with any sauce and have a great, easy meal in no time.

Bibigo Organic Vegetable Dumplings Potstickers

I’m sorry to report that these are frustratingly hard to find. When I’m lucky, they have them in bulk at my local Costco and I buy enough bags to fill my freezer. They are absolutely incredible. Unlike a lot of frozen vegetable dumplings that are filled mostly with rice noodles or cabbage, these are packed with a variety of veggies, including edamame and tofu and green onions. They’re super flavorful and make a perfect snack or meal.

Lucky Foods Seoul Vegan Spicy Kimchi

It can be hard to find vegan kimchi, so I feel very grateful that Lucky Foods makes such a good version of it that you can buy at Target. This kimchi is spicy and fermented and crunchy and simply perfect. I will always have this in my fridge from now on.

Follow Your Heart Dairy-Free Original Vegenaise

After tasting what felt like hundreds of vegan mayos during an in-office taste test, this was our favorite, so there’s no surprise that it’s incredible. Tofurkey sandwiches, chickpea “tuna” salad, and vegan ranch are all made possible with the addition of this Vegenaise. It really is better than the rest. Just trust me.

Morning Star Veggie Corn Dogs

I know what you’re probably thinking. “A corn dog? Really?” But yes. These corn dogs make the perfect quick snack or meal when you are simply too tired to cook or even think. They’re hearty and are perfect dipped into yellow mustard. Besides, who doesn’t want to feel like they’re at a carnival in the middle of the day?

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