Nicole Enayati’s Favorite Halloween Treat Comes from the Produce Aisle

Welcome to Mythical Kitchen Picks, the series in which the culinary experts from Mythical Kitchen tell you all about their favorite foods and ingredients. For the next few installments, we’ll be talking about Halloween treats. First, Josh Scherer revealed his controversial pick for the best Halloween candy. Now, it’s time to give Nicole Enayati the stage. And let’s just say, she does like them apples.

Nicole’s Halloween Pick: Tastee Caramel Apple with Chopped Peanuts

candied apple
Credit: Liv Averett / Mythical Entertainment / Stop and Shop

This, right here, is the taste of nostalgia. I remember being a kid and shopping with my mom. I would be sitting in the shopping cart, with my mom smiling at me as we wove through the produce section. She would nab one of the caramel apples with the nuts that were always at our local grocery store around Halloween. She would gleefully, mischievously open the package while we were shopping, and hand me the confection. I would always have the first bite, and she would have the next, and we would alternate until only the stick and the core was left. And, let me tell you, we would have so much fun. My mother would, of course, pay for it later, but it felt so exciting and rebellious to do something this naughty with my mom’s permission. I mean, there was nothing else like it when I was a kid. 

Casual kleptomania aside, these actually do taste pretty good. Are they the best caramel apples in the world? I don’t know! But they are simple, accessible, and always consistent. The apples are always super crunchy, sour, and fresh. The caramel is the perfect level of sweet and just-soft-enough. The nuts fall off here or there, but who cares? No need to get those weird red candy apples, these are the best of the best. If you see these around the color-coded apple mountains your grocer builds, grab one and feast on the fall flavors you hold near and dear to your heart. And, please, remember to pay for it!

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