An Honest Review of New Olipop Lemon Lime

Olipop may be a “a new kind of soda,” but the brand has taken a lot of cues from the classic soda world when it comes to flavors. Their lineup of better-for-you prebiotic, less-sugar bevs has included grape, orange, cola, cherry cola, root beer, cream soda—the list goes on. For a long time, though, there was a pretty obvious omission: lemon lime, arguably the second most popular soda flavor behind cola. In February, the brand finally fixed that when it released Lemon Lime on its site and at Whole Foods stores. But will Olipop fans want to stock up on this new flavor? And should lemon lime soda fans give Olipop a shot?

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New Product!

Olipop Lemon Lime

Welp, it looks like we might need to update our ranking of the best Olipop flavors, because this one is good. But, right away, there’s a caveat: It doesn’t really taste like lemon lime soda. It’s delicious, but it tastes like a carbonated lemon iced tea (it reminded me of an Arizona Lemon Tea with some fizz). I didn’t pick up the flavor of lime at all. I think people who buy Olipop because they want a (way) lower-sugar alternative to Sprite or Starry might be disappointed, but if you’re willing to appreciate the flavor for what it is, there’s nothing to dislike.

Also, if you’re a soda person and you’re reading this (hi) and you’re new to Olipop, don’t think that less sugar means that these fall into seltzer territory. Olipops may be lower sugar, but they’re still plenty sweet, thanks to a blend of cassava root and other alternative sweeteners. It’s a carbonated drink soda fans can still get behind—as long as they don’t have their hearts set on that classic lemon lime flavor they know and love.

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