Why You Should Always Bring Frozen Pizza to a BBQ

What do you bring when you show up to a cookout? Some chips? A six-pack of light beer? A Jell-O mold that will almost certainly turn to liquid before anyone ever even considers a slice? Next time, bring a frozen pizza. 

I’m serious. 

Here’s the thing: Pretty much everyone likes pizza. And grilled pizza is incredible. That little bit of char makes it taste like it came out of a thousand-degree Neapolitan oven. But grilling pizza made from scratch is practically impossible. Don’t believe all of the articles from the food mags. The dough melts through the grates or it totally warps when you try to flip it. Plus, it’d be weird to show up to a party with a ball of dough. 

But showing up to a party with a frozen pizza? Okay, it might seem weird at first. But when you scoot a few hot dogs aside and slap your pizza down on the grill, people will get excited. And when you follow the instructions for how to grill a frozen pizza (it’s really easy, just heat the grill, put the pizza directly on the grates, cover, and cook for 10-15 minutes), people’s mouths will start to water. And when you serve them that pizza with its crisp crust, hot, melted cheese, and slightly smoky flavor? Well, they’ll never question you again. And they will invite you to every party for the rest of your life. 

Now that I’ve convinced you to bring a frozen pizza to your next BBQ, it’s time to talk about what the best frozen pizza is to grill. Stick with something small—around 10-12 inches. And skip anything with a super thick crust. You want a classic frozen pizza from your childhood—like a Tombstone, which came in at number seven in our best frozen pizza ranking. While pepperoni is a classic, cheese is maybe the better option. (Try Newman’s Own Four Cheese, it was the best thin crust we sampled in our best frozen cheese pizza tasting.) That way, you can customize the toppings with things like fresh summer veg or BBQ chicken and a drizzle of BBQ sauce

I won’t take up any more of your time. I know you probably need to stock your freezer now. Party season is almost here. 

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Justine Sterling is the editor-in-chief of Sporked. She has been writing about food and beverages for well over a decade and is an avid at-home cook and snacker. Don’t worry, she’s not a food snob. Sure, she loves a fresh-shucked oyster. But she also will leap at whatever new product Reese’s releases and loves a Tostitos Hint of Lime, even if there is no actual lime in the ingredients.

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