Peeps Pepsi Is Back for 2023

I think it is hilarious that Pepsi is making a Peeps-flavored cola. Why? Because I feel like the plural of Peeps in Latin would be Pepsi, so Peeps Pepsi in Latin would be “Peeps Peeps.” And the best part is no one can correct me, because neither Peeps nor Pepsi was around in Roman times and Latin is a dead language. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Was that supposed to be a joke?” No, I just wanted to give you a window into my tired February brain. But alleged joking aside, this stuff is, in fact, marshmallow-flavored Pepsi, not dissimilar to the toasty marshmallow Pepsi that was available as part of their S’mores collection back in September of 2022.

Okay, so you know the name of the product in English (and maybe in Latin), and you know roughly what it will taste like, but where can you buy Peeps Pepsi?

Great question—the whole internet has the same one. Because Peeps Pepsi was only available as part of a giveaway in 2021 and skipped all of 2022, this will be the marshmallow-essenced cola’s first foray into stores nationwide. So, naturally, people want it and they want it now. But they are having trouble getting it “now.” According to Mashed, people have seen it “at certain Walmarts in New York, South Carolina, and Ohio, while at least one Ohio Kroger is carrying it as well.” Not only that, but it was available on Amazon starting last week, although it appeared shipments wouldn’t go out immediately. The conclusion to take from this: If you want it, find it in stores if you can, but there isn’t a whole lot out there yet. Either they will be more fully stocked closer to Easter or they just didn’t anticipate that the demand for an even sweeter sweet soda would be so gosh darn high. My guess is that the former is true and that as the Easter bunny gets closer to doing another full lap around the sun (is that how the Easter bunny works?), we will begin to see more and more of this stuff in stores. So Peep around in your local grocery store and let us know if you find any!

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