Plant-Based Heavy Whipping Cream Is Here to Elevate Your Vegan Dessert

By golly, they’ve done it! “They” being Country Crock and “it” being introducing a new plant-based heavy whipping cream to their existing lineup of plant-based products. This is a super interesting new product from Country Crock, whose main gig is margarine of all kinds.

I was intrigued to learn that Country Crock even had a plant-based line of margarine because I somehow thought margarine was a vegan, vegetable oil-based product to begin with. Well, I thought wrong. Apparently, all Country Crock products contain dairy except the ones specifically in their plant-based line. Huh. What is margarine again? Anyway, back to the scheduled program: vegan heavy whipping cream. Now you may be thinking, “Wait a minute, doesn’t vegan heavy whipping cream already exist?” And you would have a point, you food sleuth, you. 

Silk (the alt milk brand) also has a vegan plant-based heavy whipping cream. Silk’s is faba bean-based while Country Crock’s is lentil-based. In other words, this world just got more bean cream! And here’s a cool factoid for you: Neither Silk’s version nor Country Crock’s version contain any soy. So that is cool if you’re allergic (or just not a soy boy, unlike Link).

But here’s a question: How do they make a plant-based whipping cream “heavy”? It’s made of plants for gosh sakes! Wouldn’t it be light and planty? Well, the answer is in the oils, my friend. I would bet this stuff whips up to a Cool Whip-like consistency, as Cool Whip is the primarily oil-based margarine of the whipped cream world. But I don’t actually know for sure! Next time I have my vegan friends over maybe I’ll attempt a vegan pumpkin pie with some of this plant-based heavy whipping cream. Or, maybe just fruit with  plant-based heavy whipping cream. As long as fruit is plant-based, we are good to go… I’d better go double-check that one.

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