Poll Reveals Curly Fries Are Tied with Steak Fries and Men Think Hot Dogs Are Sandwiches

YouGov is a market research company that asks the public important questions about world events, approval of politicians, and, perhaps most importantly, how people prefer to cut their sandwiches. I spent an hour or so combing through the fascinating results of their recent 1,000-participant food opinion poll so you don’t have to, and without further ado, here’s the tea:

Curly Fries > Every Other Fry (Except Steak Fries????!)

It’s hard to beat a curly fry. They are often peppery and salty as all get out, just like I hope to be when I’m older. But this poll revealed an interesting result I would’ve never predicted: Yes, curly fries were vastly more popular than waffle fries and crinkle-cut fries, but amazingly, steak fries were tied with curly fries across almost every demographic, with about 21-22% of people preferring them. I couldn’t believe it. Steak fries?! The giant, fluffy, sometimes-skin-on restaurant staples that are usually under-seasoned and under-fried? Heresy. 

The Best Way to Cut a Sandwich 

There was a sudden wave of interest on the interwebs a few years back concerning the correct way to cut a sandwich. Interestingly, this poll revealed that the great Diagonal vs. Rectangle Cut Sandwich Debate may be cut along gender-identity lines. While females and males were equally likely to choose rectangle cut (20% of both genders preferred rectangles), more women (41%) than men (36%) preferred the diagonal cut, and more men (44%) than women (39%) didn’t care how their sandwich was cut. So next time you are cutting a sandwich for your S/O, keep this in mind.

Hot Dogs Are a Sandwich (If You’re Male) 

You know the hot dog sandwich debate? The inspiration for a certain Mythical podcast, perhaps? Well, the public has spoken and we have a wiener. Of those polled, 54% of people said hot dogs are not sandwiches while only 38% said they are. Broken down further, however, men are SIGNIFICANTLY more likely than women to say that hotdogs are sandwiches (by almost 10%). I wonder if the hot dog sandwich believers will ever ketchup in the polls. 

The More You Know

To wrap up, here are some rapid-fire stats for you to pull out at your next dinner party:

  • 48% of people prefer soft tacos while only 28% prefer hard taco shells. That makes sense, hard taco shells are a mess. 
  • 62% of people eat their bagels one half at a time, so it would seem Mythical Kitchen’s Josh Scherer is in the majority.
  • And lastly, 9% of people put ice in their milk. That’s almost 10%. That means that if you know 150 people, 15 of those people drink their milk with ice. There’s more of them than we thought. Watch out.

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