Beyond Everything Bagel Seasoning: 5 Powdered Versions of Food We Wish Existed

Now that we’ve started turning various foods into shakable seasoning blends, why stop? Everything bagel seasoning is a cult classic, and Trader Joe’s powdered elote seasoning is rising to the status of fan favorite as well. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnadust is currently on shelves. I’ve even seen a Twix seasoning blend at the grocery store!

While plenty of headway has been made into the realm of powdered food flavorings, I say we need to pick up the pace. It clearly works, so let’s see more of it! Below are five foods that I strongly believe deserve the seasoning star treatment.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai has such a delicious and unique flavor, and I want to consume more of it. Crushed peanuts, tamarind powder, lime, and dried chilies—what’s not to like? I would sprinkle this all over meat and seafood. It would be wonderful in broth. Obviously, you could add it to noodles or stir-fries. I want this immediately. Someone make it happen!!!


For me, the burger isn’t about the meat. It’s all about the toppings. That’s why I think a burger would make an excellent seasoning mix. Sesame seeds, tiny pieces of dried onions and dill pickles, and powdered ketchup, mustard, and cheese would all make appearances. This would be so good on popcorn or roasted potatoes. I would even sprinkle this on a burger to make it more burger-y.

Tikka Masala

I’ll say it: Indian food is the most flavorful and delicious food on planet Earth. I am biased because it’s my favorite food, but it’s my favorite because it’s the best. While Tikka Masala isn’t my dish of choice, it’s really tasty and universally known. I think that would make it an instant hit in grocery stores. Imagine how fragrant and scrumptious a blend of yogurt powder and savory seasoning would be sprinkled onto anything and everything.

Caesar Salad

Caesar salad seasoning would serve two purposes. First, to caesar-ify different foods. A blend of parm, anchovy powder, and lemon zest could be added to literally anything—fries, grilled chicken, pasta. Rim a glass with it for a Bloody Mary! Second you could add this to yogurt, sour cream, and/or mayonnaise to make caesar dressing for salads and wraps. I think this would truly crush on the market.

Buffalo Wings

Picture a Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning packet mixed with dehydrated Frank’s RedHot sauce. This? On pizza? C’mon! I would sprinkle this onto a bagel with cream cheese, a burger before throwing it on the grill, or on top of cucumber slices. You really can’t go wrong with buffalo and ranch.

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