Make a Wish … Rhett & Link Taste Birthday Cake-Flavored Snacks

This Good Mythical Morning taste test was a bit rocky right from the start. Rhett is not into cake-flavored things, and Link straight-up doesn’t like cake all that much, so clearly these guys are the perfect candidates to taste-test a bunch of cake-flavored things. This video is fun to watch though, largely because Rhett was in a MOOD the entire time. To preface, they didn’t really love any of these, but here are the cake-flavored items they tried, ranked from most palatable to party foul.

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Cake Batter ChapStick

Link thought this one was more palatable than the others since it was “cake batter” and not “birthday cake” flavored. Rhett put some on and said, “This is not bad!” even though he’s not much of a ChapStick guy. All in all, it was the most positive reaction they had to any of these products. If you like ChapStick and cake flavor, give this one a go.

Gourmet Birthday Cake Popcorn

When they tried this snack, they hadn’t tried the ChapStick yet. So, when Rhett tasted this he said, “This is by far the best thing we’ve had. Far and away.” That’s not to say that this popcorn was good; it’s just not horrible like some of the other items were. It’s essentially sweet stuff on popcorn—it’s acceptable and edible but not something you should go out of your way for if this flavor profile isn’t your thing already.

Strawberry Birthday Cake Froot Loops

These had a strong strawberry aroma and were also a few days past their expiration date, which only added to the fun. Rhett took a bite and concluded that “if you like this cereal, you’re not going places in life.” Ouch. Then he clarified that what he meant was if you grew up thinking you could just birthday cake-ify things, the real world will crush you and you’ll eventually get fired from your job for trying to birthday cake-ify your desk (but, wait, now I wanna do that).

Drizzilicious Birthday Cake Bites

If that name means nothing to you and you are still wondering what the heck these are, I gotchu. These are mini rice cakes drizzled with “white chocolatey flavored deliciousness.” They are supposedly a better-for-you kind of snack and are made with whole grains, quinoa, chia, and flax. Link pointed out that “this is very incongruent,” (true enough, since the snacks seems like it’s trying to be both a health food and dessert). Rhett got angry because you can’t just take a bunch of healthy stuff and make it birthday cake flavored or “you’ll get fired from your job on your first day.” (Side Note: What is it with this guy and cake and getting fired?! Ouch.) As for how it actually tasted, the guys thought this one wasn’t horrible, but didn’t really work. Some of the rice cakes didn’t even have a drizzle and were just plain rice cakes. Because of the treat’s dual nature—part junk food, part health food—Rhett concluded, “This is for no one. This is the sign that we’re in the end times.” Okay, Rhett, calm down, it’s a rice cake. But yes, Link agreed that this snack was stupid.

Project 7 Birthday Cake Gourmet Gum

When Link opened the bag and Rhett got a whiff, he said these smelled “like in grade school when somebody had vomited in the hall.” Rhett &Link then proceeded to talk about how the gum smelled like vomit for about a minute before actually trying it and concluding that it tasted…drumroll…bad. It tasted bad. But the company’s anti-bullying initiative seemed nice!

Pure Protein Birthday Cake Flavored Protein Bar

This one was immediately awful, but as Link put it, “It was awful because it was already awful.” That is to say, it’s not awful because it’s birthday cake, it’s awful because it’s a protein bar that was already awful to begin with.

What a taste test this was. I guess if you really want good birthday cake flavor, maybe try birthday cake? Or ice cream? Though I guess ChapStick works too. 

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