April Showers Are Bringing Rainbow Rice Krispies to the Cereal Aisle

It’s officially Spring, people! It’s not just the calendar that says so; the weather agrees and so does Kellogg’s, apparently. Just in time for spring this year, the cereal giant has given us a glorious, vibrant, fruity, gift: Rainbow Krispies. And as Rice Krispies’ first foray into the wonderful world of fruit, I am super curious what these will be like. Kellogg’s can’t just release a new rainbow fruity cereal and expect me not to speculate about how it tastes before I inevitably buy it. So let’s dive in!

Will Rainbow Krispies be like Froot Loops with the consistency of Rice Krispies? Will they still be represented by the inimitable Snap, Crackle, and Pop?

While these may or may not have the same crispy, crunchy consistency of Rice Krispies, the shape will be different. Instead of a literal grain of puffed rice, these lil pieces of the rainbow have “a new shape that appears to be a concave circle or a mini bowl of sorts,” according to Brand Eating. From the looks of this cereal, it’ll be more like Post Fruity Pebbles, which it appears to be designed to compete with. As I mentioned, this is Rice Krispies first fruity cereal (prior to this release, the options were plain, cocoa, frosted, and cinnamon sugar), so only time and our taste buds will tell if it packs as much fruity flavor as Froot Loops or Fruity Pebbles. These rainbow beauties will also be multigrain and fortified with vitamin D, presumably to give kids solid talking points when trying to convince their parents to buy some.

These new Rainbow Krispies should start showing up on shelves this month. Also, I have confirmed that Snap, Crackle, and Pop are still in the picture (phew!).

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