Red and Green M&M’s Are the Best M&M’s, Here’s Why

The best M&M’s aren’t crispy, or peanutty, or pretzely. They’re red and they’re green. 

What is it about red and green M&Ms? They taste so much better than regular M&Ms. It’s not just the spirit of the season. Don’t blame this on Santa or the Ghost of Christmas Past. This is real. I think the candy coating is richer, maybe a little thicker, and a touch more bittersweet. I savor the candy coating of red and green M&M’s. It makes the milk chocolate inside taste all the sweeter. 

And before you suggest it, no, you can’t just pick the red and green M&M’s out of a standard pack of M&M’s and give them to me. I will be able to tell the difference. And I will be very disappointed in your very strange gift. The red and green M&M’s of which I speak must come from a package that is only available during the holidays. 

But M&M’s aren’t the only candies that are better in red and green. Here are three other seasonal red and green candies that are better than their standard counterparts.

red and green reese's
Credit: Liv Averett / Walmart
Reese’s Minis

I want nothing to do with Reese’s Minis during Spooky Season. Give me a pumpkin. Give me a bat. Give me a king-size. But during the holiday season? Skip the Reese’s trees; I’m all about the festively foiled minis. Obviously, the red and green coloring of the foil doesn’t actually affect the flavor…or does it? Perhaps a darker foil blocks more light from getting in, allowing for a fresher chocolatey experience.

red and green hershey's kisses
Credit: Liv Averett / Amazon
Hershey’s Kisses

I would never snack on a Hershey’s Kiss in July or March. Never. But when those sleigh bells start a’jingling, I start a’snacking on Christmas-colored Kisses. Silver Kisses are purely ingredients for peanut butter blossom cookies. Red and green Kisses? Those are cocktail party treats. I’m willing to admit that these are more delectable purely for aesthetic reasons.

red and green rolos
Credit: Liv Averett / Walmart

When was the last time you had a Rolo? The holidays give you an opportunity to indulge in the caramel-filled goodness of this throwback candy. You might not buy a compressed stick of foil-covered chocolate toadstools, but you definitely will pluck a green or red morsel from a crystal candy bowl. Covering Rolos in green or red foil takes them from checkout aisle impulse buy to a Christmas party delicacy.

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