What Flavors Are These Mystery-Flavored Snacks?

Rhett isn’t sure what personality type mystery flavors appeal to, but it’s not his. That’s how this March 2022 episode of Good Mythical More started. As for how it ended, neither Rhett nor Link was all that stoked about any of these. But if you’re here to find out what mystery flavors really are and not necessarily to choose the best mystery item, then this will still be pretty informative for ya. So, without further ado, here they are in order from best to least best.

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Laffy Taffy 2 Flavor Mystery Swirl

This one came in stick form, interestingly enough. But don’t worry, the wrapper still had one of LT’s classic jokes on it. The joke in question? “How does the sun and moon play hide and seek?” Yes, “how does.” The answer? “An eclipse.” I don’t know about you, but I’m not laffing. Come on Laffy Taffy, step up your game or change your name. The children deserve better! I’m pained as a writer, shocked as a former Laffy Taffy laffer, and hurt as a believer in giving the youth a proper grammatical education. As for the flavor, the taffy “didn’t taste bad” and was “pretty good” according to Link. According to Rhett, a sour apple flavor dominated a little bit. Each stick is just a swirl of leftover Laffy Taffy flavors, much like Airheads.

Dum-Dums Mystery Flavor

After a lengthy discussion about the pros and cons of surprise birthday parties and a lesson from Rhett on how to do them properly (if you must do it, make sure the person is somehow dressed correctly for the event), they each tried a Mystery-flavored Dum-Dums lollipop. One was red and one was green. Why’s that? Because according to Stevie, “Dum Dum Pops Mystery Flavor is truly a mystery.” She explains that some are made from different flavors mixing together between batches, and some are seasonal flavors Dum-Dums sometimes mixes in like funnel cake and peach tea. Rhett & Link didn’t remember to describe what they tasted with these, but they seemed to like them!

Twizzlers Mystery Flavor

This one is one singular, guessable flavor. Rhett guessed Cherry Coke and black cherry; Link thought it didn’t taste like much at all but guessed plum. After rubbing it on their noses a bit and still not smelling anything specific (though Rhett liked the smell), the actual flavor was revealed by Stevie. That flavor? Raspberry. Which elicited a “Raspberry?!? Not happenin’” from Link. Apparently, Twizzlers need to up the strength of their flavors. Rhett thought this one wasn’t bad.

Airheads White Mystery

Link described it as a colorless piece of taffy that looks like a shoehorn. Accurate, Link, accurate. As for what it tasted like, Rhett immediately said “watermelon.” Link thought it wasn’t quite watermelon. Rhett said, “Sour apple meets watermelon and a little blue raspberry,” and Link said he could taste those flavors in there, too. Stevie confirmed this theory and said that, indeed, the airhead mystery flavor is made by mixing the extra taffy from all the other flavors together. So, in actuality, it’s all the flavors Rhett said plus cherry, grape, and orange, and minus apple. They liked the taste of this but didn’t love that it just felt like eating pure sugar

Oreos Mystery Flavor

These cookies are all the same flavor; no swirls here. They smelled like lemon to Rhett, and tasted like “mint or lemon,” according to Link. Link’s first reaction upon tasting these was, “Ugh, it’s gross.” So what flavor is this minty lemony madness actually? CHURRO, believe it or not. I know—what?! The guys, even after knowing this, tasted hardly any cinnamon. So…this one was a bit of a bust.

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  • This is such an interesting article! I didn’t know that Twizzlers mystery flavor is raspberry or that Oreos mystery flavor is churro. What other mystery flavors have you come across?