Rhett & Link’s Top 4 Favorite Peeps Flavors

Easter season has come and gone, and so too has everyone’s favorite little yellow sugar-dusted marshmallow friend. No, I’m not talking about Human Marshmallow Peep Link, I’m talking about the squishy legend itself: Peeps. Rhett & Link have braved 30 flavors of Peeps on a March 2024 episode of Good Mythical Morning, to help you know exactly which marshmallow birds (or bunnies) to embrace or steer clear of all together. 

While there seemed to be little hope for Peep distinction at the beginning of this trial, as Rhett & Link found the first nine types of Peeps to taste exactly the same, once they delved into flavorful and chocolatey experimentation, things started to get interesting. Breaking 30 flavors down into a top four is not an easy task, so Rhett & Link had help from Mythical Kitchen Chef and Peeps aficionado Josh Scherer. (However if you’re looking for a full ranking of even more Peeps flavors, check out Sporkeds Peeps impressions!) Here are the top four best Peeps flavors, according to Rhett & Link (and Josh).

Milk Chocolate Covered Chicks

Link loved this Peep so much that he gave it his highest score of the episode with a whopping 80/100. Link was such a fan of these Peeps because they’re kind of… not…. really Peeps. While these chocolate-covered marshmallow treats hold the shape of a peep, everyone noted that the marshmallow interior was far mushier and wetter than your average Peep and it seems like with the full chocolate exterior you also miss the sugar-crunch of a traditional Peep. Josh insisted upon it being out of the top three as an “abomination to Peeps.” Still, this Rhett-proclaimed Peep and chocolate Easter bunny flavor was still delicious enough to make it into the top four.

Milk Chocolate Delights Strawberry Chicks

Rhett & Link were already fans of the base Strawberry Chick flavor of Peep, noting the strawberry flavoring was more tart and Nerds-like instead of sweet and artificial tasting. So the addition of chocolate boosted an already well-liked flavor. They noted the combination of chocolate and strawberry gave the flavor a Neopolitan-esque appeal. While Josh commended this flavor for executing the difficult pairing of citric acid sourness and marshmallow well, he still insisted it was the weakest of the top three because the sour strawberry flavor still didn’t quite mesh perfectly with the chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Delights Peppermint Bark Chicks

Despite the average to low appeal of the Candy Cane Chicks, the Dark Chocolate Delights Peppermint Bark Chicks were enough of a chocolatey minty wonder that Rhett gave it his highest rating of 90/100. The duo applauded the inclusion of chocolate, proclaiming the Peeps “needed that.” The flavors were so delicious that Rhett couldn’t stop applauding it. While Link similarly enjoyed the flavor, he insisted he couldn’t give it more than a 65 because it’s “still a Peep, dude” (of course this does contradict his previous 80 points for Milk Chocolate Covered Chicks, but who are we to point that out…).

Milk Chocolate Delights S’mores Chicks

The highest scoring Peep was so out of this world it practically left Rhett & Link speechless. We can infer from Link’s singular and firm “Yes” that the graham cracker flavor came through nicely. We can also infer from Rhett’s various shocked “Mmm!”s and “Oh!”s that he was pleasantly surprised over how the marshmallow, graham cracker flavoring, and milk chocolate bottom recreated the flavor of a s’more. It was ultimately Josh who insisted these Peeps take the top spot with its fantastic toasty flavor.

Honorable Mentions: Everyone was a fan of the Gingerbread Men Peeps, which ranked as best non-chocolate flavor and were Josh’s personal favorites. Rhett & Link liked Party Cake for its authentic cake flavor, despite general dislike for cake flavor. Both of them also loved the Sparkly Wild Berry Bunnies with Link proclaiming “that berry is wild.”

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