Which Candy Bar Has the Most Satisfying Snap?

Back in May of 2022, Rhett & Link dedicated an episode of Good Mythical More to determining which candy bar has the most satisfying snap when you break it. I’ll be honest—up until today this is not something I’d ever thought about, seeing as I never break a candy bar before eating it (unless it’s a Kit Kat; I’m not a monster). But here I am. And here you are. And we are gonna figure this thing out together (along with Rhett & Link). So without further ado, let’s get crackin’!

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Kit Kat

After struggling to open the packages for several minutes while also teaching a child named Santiago how to pencil fight, they were ready to crack into the Kit Kats. And? Did the king of snappable candy bars live up to its reputation? Sort of. Link got a pretty satisfying snap out of his, and they concluded that sometimes it’s more about how it feels to snap a candy bar than how it sounds to snap a candy bar. And this one felt GOOOOD.


Let’s be real—one would’ve had a fantastic snap to it. But they didn’t break this one, because, a.) all three butterfingers they got were already broken when they opened them, and, b.) they were busy pencil fighting, which honestly looks so fun that I kind of want to try it at work tomorrow.


There was a tiny bit of a satisfying “ffnk” as the Crunch bar snapped apart. And if you don’t know what I mean by that, it’s this.

Mr. Goodbar

Despite all three bars they opened being pre-snapped (presumably broken in some way, shape, or form by some chocolate-and-fun-hating deity), they were still able to snap this one along its perforations, revealing that Mr. Goodbar is, in fact, a good bar…not to snap. It was anti-climactic and didn’t make much of a noise at all.

Reese’s Fast Break

This bar was actively soft. It barely made a sound, but I heard it make a whisper of a “fff”, and for the record, I thought it sounded cool. Also, it looked delicious.

Cadbury Dairy Milk

They skipped this one. They figured there’s no way creamy milk chocolate has a satisfying snap.

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar

They skipped this one, too, saying it would never work, but I don’t know—I feel like it would have. And even though this all occurred nine months ago, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight because I’ll be too busy wondering what a Hershey’s bar snapped into a high-quality mic sounds like.

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  • Nothing snaps like a Skor bar.