Slice Is Back and It’s *Almost* Like It Was in the ‘80s

In the 1980s, PepsiCo created Slice soda to compete against other fruit flavored sodas like Crush, Sunkist, and Life Savers Soda (remember that?). The thing that set it apart from the rest of the citrusy sodas was that it contained actual fruit juice—10% in fact. Over the years, the brand underwent a slew of redesigns and reformulations until it was eventually replaced by Sierra Mist and Tropicana Twister in the mid-00s. But now, it’s back. And it’s totally redesigned—both inside and out.  

This isn’t the first time Slice has made a comeback. In 2006, it came back as a diet soda called Slice ONE, sold only at Walmart. And then, as Foodbev reported, New Slice Ventures and Revolution Brands rereleased Slice in 2018 not as a soda but as a sparkling water. Obviously, it didn’t last. One look at the design and you might be able to see why.  

Now, in 2023, they’re giving it another go. As The Daily Meal reports, New Slice Ventures is taking another crack at Slice! This time with the old branding, a return to the label of “soda,” and Slice’s signature juice content. Each can of Slice explains that it’s an “All natural soda, with no added sugar, made with real fruit juice.” 

New Slice is made with real fruit juice (though, probably not quite the 10% it originally launched with—the can just says “real fruit juice” without specifying an amount), it is just 20 calories a can, and uses stevia, allulose, and monk fruit extract as sweeteners. It has relaunched with four flavors: Lemon & Lime (a throwback to the original Slice flavor), Berry, Orange, and Cherry. The website has a “shop now” button on each of the flavors that leads to a Walmart link; but at the time of writing it is fully out of stock!

If the early demand for this new Slice is anything to go by, this might be a great “natural” soda to shake up the soft drink market. Check back soon for Sporked’s product review once we get our paws on it!

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