The Sporked Guide to Vacation Snacks

It’s summer and that means it’s time to go on vacation! There’s nothing like getting out of town when the weather is heating up and the sun is shining. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile to a swanky Airbnb or a humble two-person tent in the woods, we have the best vacation snacks you can buy at the grocery store.

Best Airplane Snacks: 7 Things You’ll Find in Our Carry-Ons

best airplane snacks
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These are the best snacks to stash in your carry-on the next time you board a flight. If you’re tired of the free pretzels and Biscoff cookies, these will suit you well in the sky.

Go-To Airplane Anxiety Snacks, from a Very Anxious Flier

anxious flier help
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If you’re an anxious flier like me, these are some great airplane snacks to help calm your sky-high nerves. 

These Are the Best Road Trip Snacks, According To the Sporked and Mythical Crew

best road trip snacks
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Hitting the road this summer? Pick up some of these snacks for your ride. With a little help from your favorite Mythical Crew members, we compiled a list of the best road trip snacks.

Yum in the Sun: These Are 8 of the Best Snacks to Bring to the Beach

beach snacks
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All you really need in the summer is sun, sand, and snacks. We’ve got you covered! These are the best snacks to bring to the beach. Dining al fresco has never been so nice (or sandy).

The Best Snacks to Bring Camping

snacks to bring camping
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Okay, sure. You need food for camping too. These are the best snacks to bring camping that you can pair with those essential camping drinks (aka the most important part of camping).

The Best Drinks to Bring Camping

best drinks to bring camping
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The best drinks to bring camping are portable, easy to stock a cooler with, and don’t create a lot of non-recyclable waste (also, don’t bring a bunch a glass bottles to the woods!). From canned water and instant coffee to cheap beer and premixed Bloody Marys for the morning after, these are the best drinks to bring camping.

Best Margarita Mix for a Vacation-Level Marg

best margarita mixes

You can have a great vacation without ever leaving your house. I’m talking staycation, baby! Sometimes the most relaxing way to spend your time off of work is at home. Having no plans is incredibly enjoyable, much like these margarita mixes that will make your staycation feel like a tropical holiday.

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