7 Best Camping Snacks for Your Next Overnight Excursion

If you’re anything like me, then your favorite part of camping is the snacks. Followed closely by nature and nature potty. The stars come in fourth. Anyway, wondering about the best camping snacks to pick up for your next overnight excursion into the wilderness? Well, we gotcha covered with this lovely list of snacks for camping that are both tasty and practical when you’re “roughing it.”

Great Value Breakfast Trail Mix

When you’re packing to go camping, you don’t have all the room in the world, so the best camping snacks tend to be highly versatile. This trail mix from Walmart is perfect as a breakfast or as a snack. Honestly, it’s so good, we’d probably eat it for dinner, too. It has a lot going on: dried cranberries, yogurt-coated dried cranberries, walnuts, honey glazed almonds, and delicious nuggets of granola that are sweet and filling before, during, or after a hike. Or if you’re the kind of camper who simply sits around the campfire drinking beer and playing cards, this is a great sweet treat to fill your belly with while you fill your lungs with fresh air. —Vinz Karl

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Market Pantry Savory Tavern & Bar Mix

Okay, this is one of those camping snacks that’s fully for the playing-cards-and-drinking-beer sort of camper: a big-ass tub of bar mix from Target. You get mini pretzels, rye chips, rice crackers, and those delicious little sesame sticks for a bit of protein. It’s obviously delicious (who can resist that sort of variety and savory flavor?), but we also love that the packaging keeps the mix from getting pulverized when it’s packed with the rest of your food and other camping accoutrement. You truly are smarter than the average bear (and remember to always stash your food somewhere safe so you don’t get eaten by an average bear). —Vinz Karl

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Fritos Hot Bean Dip

There’s something otherworldly about sitting underneath the starry sky and just crushing a can of bean dip as you forget the workaday world and all its troubles. This Fritos bean dip, which packs loads of flavor and a pop of heat into a convenient little can, is the perfect camping snack for the job. Just remember to bring a bag of thick, sturdy corn chips—but if you forget, we won’t judge you for gobbling this up with a spoon. —Vinz Karl

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Gardein Plant Based Chili with Beans

One of the best camping snacks or a perfect dinner for one? I’ll let your stomach guide you on that one. Either way, this tasty plant-based chili has a pull-tab top, so even if you forget that goddamned can opener (your probably going to forget the goddamned can opener) you can still have a hearty meal. Just heat it over the fire or on your camp stove and dig in, baby. This chili goes heavy on the fake meat chunks, but there’s still a good amount of beans in the mix, too. And with 32 grams of protein, it really will fill you up. That’s just what we want from our best snacks for camping. —Vinz Karl

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Always good to keep a jar of nut butter with you when camping. You can put it on toast or granola for breakfast, you can dip a pretzel, you can enhance a s’more, you can even eat it with a spoon! YOU GUYS. This almond butter is absolutely delicious. It is sweet, salty, and almondy, and Jordan pointed out that “the nuts taste toasted without bitter, burnt flavors.” I could (and have) eaten this stuff straight oot the jar with a spoon. Add this to your list of camping snack ideas now and thank me later. —Jessica Block

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Frosted S’mores Pop-Tarts

Confession time: I love s’mores-flavored things more than actual s’mores. If you think that’s weird, you should get to know me; that’s not even a drop in the bucket. I digress…what’s important is that s’mores-flavored snacks are the ultimate cheat code when it comes to the best camping snacks. Want to have fun around the campfire without winding up covered in drippy chocolate and sticky marshmallow when there’s no sink in sight? Well, these s’mores-flavored Pop-Tarts are the truth and the way. You can still heat these over the fire for a gooey, melty sensation without all the mess. —Vinz Karl

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These hot dogs are so filled with flavor no other hot dog could even begin to compete. Sporked‘s taste testers noted noted that the “salt, spice, garlic powder, and paprika combine to create a juicy bite of beef that’s so good the hot dog starts to flavor the hot dog bun itself with its deliciously spiced beef juices.” These are truly great and taste even better after a day out in nature. Roast ‘em over the campfire and enjoy. —Jessica Block

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