We Tried the Van Leeuwen Hidden Valley Ranch Ice Cream So You Don’t Have To

If you’ve been on the internet in the last week, you’ve definitely heard about the Van Leeuwen and Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream collaboration. Everyone is freaking out about the fancy ice cream brand’s newest dessert, which is based on the iconic condiment. Is it actually good or is it an inedible prank of a product? Are you supposed to eat it with something savory like pizza or wings? Most importantly: Why?! Van Leeuwen sent us a pint to try and here is our honest review.


Van Leeuwen Hidden Valley Ranch Ice Cream

This ice cream is…interesting. If you’re looking for ice cream that tastes like ranch, this definitely fits the bill. That’s what they promise and they deliver. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like it was executed in the best-tasting way possible. This tastes a lot like you dumped a full packet of Hidden Valley dip mix into a container of bland vanilla ice cream. It doesn’t taste like the dressing. It tastes specifically like the seasoning packet. We even tried this ice cream on pizza to see if that helped. It did, but only a little. We wish the ice cream base was buttermilk. The sweetness and the ranch just do not meld. That being said, we like a lot of the new Van Leeuwen flavors coming out at Walmart this Spring, so stay tuned for those!

Credit: Liv Averett / Van Leeuwen




Let us know in the comments what salad dressing you think would make the best ice cream!

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