Best S’mores: 5 Ways to Make the Ultimate S’mores

Sure, you’ve made s’mores. But have you made the best s’mores? We taste tested graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate in order to find the best ingredients, then crafted five deliciously over-the-top s’mores for you to try on your next camping trip.

If you’ve ever had s’mores, it probably went a little something like this: You grabbed a few squares of Hershey’s chocolate (maybe a couple of Miniatures you found among the dregs of last year’s Halloween candy), toasted a Jet-Puffed marshmallow over a roaring fire (or, you know, in your toaster oven), and then sandwiched both between a couple of Honey Maid graham crackers. That classic combo of ingredients makes good s’mores, but sometimes good just won’t cut it. Sometimes you want the best s’mores.

The Sporked crew taste tested dozens of chocolate bars, toasted tons of marshmallows, and nibbled all the graham crackers we could get our hands on to find the best of each. Then we got creative, mixing and matching components from our taste tests to create five ingenious s’mores combos. Then, we put them to the test. Rhett, Link, & Stevie from Good Mythical Morning swung by Sporked HQ to taste our top five combos and pick their favorite. Read on for the best s’mores combos you can make—and to find out which one Rhett, Link, & Stevie liked the most.

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The Sporked S’more

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde

What’s In It?

Trader Joe’s Graham Cracker Squares, Sprouts Organic Milk Chocolate, Jet Puffed S’mores Vanilla Marshmallow

For this s’more, perhaps our most tame offering, we basically upgraded the classic version of the campfire dessert with better chocolate (sorry, Hershey’s!), sturdier graham crackers, and a bigger, fatter, squarer marshmallow. Both the marshmallows and the graham crackers come square and ready to sandwich into s’mores, which we love. As for the chocolate, staff writer Jordan Myrick decided this was the “creamiest, milkiest” milk chocolate bar they tried during our chocolate taste test. If you don’t want to shock people too much the next time you spark up the backyard fire pit, this combo is a great for adventurous eaters and s’mores traditionalists alike.

The Mexican Hot Chocolate S’more

mexican hot chocolate smores
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde

What’s In It?

Honey Maid Cinnamon Graham Crackers, Chocolove Chili Mole Chocolate Bar, Jet-Puffed Marshmallows

If you like the spice and heat of Mexican hot chocolate, you’ll like this take on a s’more. We combined graham crackers coated in cinnamon sugar, a chili-infused chocolate bar from Chocolove, and a classic Jet-Puffed to create this indulgent and genuinely spicy s’more. “If you’re looking for a cool grown-up s’more that would impress your most culinarily adventurous friend, this is the bar for you,” Jordan said of the Chocolove Chili Mole bar, which also contains espresso beans, dried apricots, and pistachios for a little extra texture. If you like dark chocolate and can take the heat, give this combo a shot.

S’mores for Breakfast

smores for breakfast
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde

What’s In It?

Honey Maid Graham Crackers, Post Fruity Pebbles Candy Bar, Stuffed Puffs Classic Milk Chocolate Marshmallows

You’ve got your milk and cereal (and even more cereal) right here in this s’more. For this combo we used a classic Honey Maid graham cracker, Post’s Fruity Pebbles white chocolate bar, and, because we firmly believe a s’more still needs some actual chocolate, a Stuffed Puffs marshmallow with a milk chocolate center. Is it all a bit much? Maybe, but the white chocolate bar just melts so nicely and the Fruity Pebbles even add a little crispy crunch. And the neutral sweetness of the graham crackers keeps it from being a total sugar bomb.

The Chocolate Christmas Orange S’more

chocolate christmas orange smores
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde

What’s In It?

Crumbdillyicious Graham Crackers, Theo’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Sour Patch Kids Marshmallows (orange)

A sour sugar-coated marshmallow in a s’more? Yes. Are we maniacs? Yes to that too. To channel the flavor of a chocolate orange gone slightly awry, we paired salted dark chocolate bar with an orange-flavored Sour Patch Kid marshmallow and created something that covers nearly every taste bud base. We also went with the Crumbdillyicious graham crackers because they have a citrusy flavor (kind of like an animal cracker) that pairs nicely with a citrus-flavored marshmallow. This is an outside-the-box s’more, to be sure, but you only live once, baby.

more is more smore
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde

What’s In It?

Schar Honeygrams, Ghiradelli Caramel Squares, Jet Puffed S’mores Vanilla Marshmallow

Our most decadent s’more ended up being the favorite. In addition to being conveniently square, the Jet Puffed S’mores marshmallows are larger than regular marshmallows, which means they can stand up to a chocolate with a lot going on. We really went for it by picking one that’s filled with oozy caramel. The Schar Honeygrams are an important component, too. They’re more like cookies than your average graham crackers, adding to the decadence of the combo. Pack your bags, More Is More S’more—you’re going camping!

Want to Make Your Own S’mores Combos?

There are endless possibilities, truly. Check out our rankings of the best graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars you can buy, set a fire (safely), and get cooking.

Best Graham Crackers for S’mores

best graham crackers
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde

Best Chocolate Bars for S’mores

best chocolate bars for s'mores
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde

Best Marshmallows for S’mores

best marshmallows for s'mores
Credit: Sarah Demonteverde

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  • Unconventional S’mores…Roast a strawberry flavored marshmallow and sandwich it between the top and bottom halves of an Oreo cookie.

  • No peanut butter? Smh

  • Smores with reeces cups

  • You are all doing s’mores wrong. For those who have a dislike of graham crackers, which are way too overwhelming for a s’more anyway, the perfect cracker is actually Ritz. Its crisp and buttery flavor enhanced by the hint of salt makes for an amazing s’more. I’ve been doing it this way for over 20 years. Bewildered why it has never caught on.