Stuffed Puffs Marshmallows: A Waste of Shelf Space or An Ingenious Invention?

On a recent trip to Target, I came across Stuffed Puffs. If you’re not familiar, they’re marshmallows pre-stuffed with chocolate that claim to be “absolutely perfect for s’mores.” I, however, was skeptical. How could you improve on the s’more? That classic combo of gooey marshmallow and chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers already IS perfect. So, obviously, I ordered a bag to the office so I could taste them on camera and see if they really lived up to their claims.

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New Product

Stuffed Puffs Classic Milk Chocolate

These marshmallows are filled with “creamy sweet real milk chocolate,” and to my surprise, the filling is incredible! It tastes like a bunch of Hershey’s kisses were mashed up and stuffed inside a marshmallow. The marshmallow itself has a great texture and a mild vanilla flavor. Obviously, we had to heat these up to see how they’d stand up to the heat so we tossed them into the microwave for a few seconds (the closest thing to a campfire’s open flame in the Sporked office). While the outside got gooey and delicious, the chocolate inside stayed pretty solidified. You might not like that, but it’s perfect for me. My favorite part of the s’more is the unmelted slab of chocolate paired with the hot, melty marshmallow. Plus, these would be unbelievable in hot chocolate. I almost never do this on a new product review, but these are getting a perfect score.

Credit: Sarah Demonteverde / Target




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