Sprite Lymonade Legacy: Should It Stay or Should It Go?

What is Sprite Lymonade Legacy? You’d certainly never guess from the name. According to the Sprite website, it’s a limited edition Sprite with an extra splash of lemonade. That sounds like straight up Sprite Lymonade to us. If you consult the packaging, you’ll see it also includes strawberry flavors—hence the pink label, I guess. Why is it called Legacy? It’s celebrating 50 years of hip-hop. We can certainly get behind that, but can we get behind the Sprite Lymonade Legacy flavor? We snagged a bottle (it wasn’t easy to find, but we did it!) to find out. Here is our official Sprite Lymonade Legacy review.

sprite lymonade legacy

New Sprite!

Sprite Lymonade Legacy

We are big Sprite fans here at Sporked—we might not have ranked it as the best lemon-lime soda, but it came awfully close. So we were excited to try a new Sprite flavor. The idea of adding some pink lemonade to Sprite is great on paper. But in practice? All I can say is that it’s a good thing that Sprite Lymonade Legacy is a limited edition Sprite flavor. It’s not good. It smells like it is going to give you a headache—like someone dumped some cherry Kool-Aid into a Sprite. But it tastes more like someone poured a fruit punch Vitamin Water into a Sprite. “It tastes like Pez,” managing editor Gwynedd Stuart commented. And it somehow tastes more like a Diet Sprite than a regular Sprite. There’s a fake sugar substitute flavor. Sprite is good. This is worse Sprite. If you really want strawberry lemonade Sprite, just pour a splash of strawberry lemonade into a Sprite.

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  • Please bring back the sprite lemonade legacy.. it was amazing and I’m tired of over paying to scalpers lol

  • Best sprite out there your comments on it are just dumb I bet u love boiled chicken too

    • Lol right

  • I totally disagree. I stumbled across Sprite Lymonade Legacy last night and I love it. It tastes just like Mike’s Hard Strwberry Lemonade and that stuff doesn’t even taste like alcohol. I will definitely recommend and buy again.

  • I love the new sprite legacy and wish it would stay it’s my favorite.

    • I agree best sprite yet please keep it.

    • I agree they should keep it I would so buy more