The Sporked Guide to St. Paddy’s Day

Whether you’re earnestly celebrating a man who purportedly drove the snakes out of Ireland or just looking to wear a little more green because it makes your eyes pop, Sporked has all the foods and drinks you need to stock up on from the grocery store. From the best stout (there’s more than just Guinness, laddy) to the best potato alternatives to go with your corned beef, we’re here to help make this the tastiest St. Patrick’s Day you’ve ever had. 

Best Stout

best stout beer
Credit: Merc / Walmart / Target

Sure, you could go with the classic Guinness (and, yes, that’s on the list), but there are other choices out there. Check out the best stouts you can buy. 

Best Beer to Dye Green

beer to dye green for st patricks day
Credit: Liv Averett / Target / Total Wine / Vons

Skip the bar and dye your own beer green at home—just make sure it actually tastes good. 

Best Non-Alcoholic Beer

best non-alcoholic beer
Credit: Liv Averett / Ryan Martin

You don’t have to get buzzed to party on St. Paddy’s. There are plenty of great tasting N/A beers that you can crack open instead. 

Best Non-Alcoholic Whiskey

best non alcoholic whiskey
Credit: Liv Averett / Amazon

Yes, you can drink a non-alcoholic Boilermaker with an N/A beer and a shot of N/A whiskey. Should you, though? Yes. Definitely, yes. 

Best Green Foods

green foods for st. paddy's day
Credit: Amazon / Costco / Walmart

Don’t get pinched. Stock your party with these yummy green foods. 

Best Corned Beef Hash

best corned beef hash
Credit: Merc / Walmart / Ralphs

Don’t want to slow cook an entire corned beef? Grab one of these top cans of corned beef hash instead. 

Best Instant Mashed Potatoes

best instant mashed potatoes
Credit: Ryan Martin

Get your mashed potato fix in a flash with the best instant mashed potatoes. They’re not just good instant mashed potatoes—they rival the real deal.

Best Potato Alternatives

best potato alternatives
Credit: Merc

Not in a potato-y mood? These frozen potato alternatives are the perfect accompaniment to corned beef and cabbage or beef stew.

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