What We Know So Far About the Surpising New Takis Flavor

Well, it’s that time again folks. Another summer means another (actually spicy) Takis flavor is coming our way, and since I cannot properly express my excitement in words, I must once again turn to the immortal words of DJ Snake, “Taki Taki Taki Taki ¡rumba!”. Basically, I’m stoked. Takis Cobra are hitting shelves now, and at first I thought, “Great, whatever, that name means nothing to me.” But upon looking into it further, it turns out we may be getting our most complex Takis flavor yet. That’s right, Takis Cobra are Worcestershire sauce flavored, and I need them immediately, ASAP, right now.

Will Takis Cobra taste like spicy Chex Mix? What do they have to do with snakes? Is it because Worcestershire sauce is British (and I imagine most snakes have British accents)?

Online reviews are scarce, so it’s still unclear exactly what these taste like and, more importantly, exactly how spicy they are. The packaging says the spice level is “medium” as opposed to Takis Fuego, which have an “extreme” heat level. Presumably, they’ll be somewhere between Dragon Sweet Chili Takis, which are “hot,” and Guacamole Takis, which are “mild.” Now if you, like me, are a Takis fiend, that gives you a rough idea of what we’re looking at heat-wise. For those who aren’t initiated into the wonderful world of Takis, let’s just say that these will likely not be ridiculously hot. But the heat level is only part of the intrigue—I’m also curious exactly how this Worcestershire sauce flavor will manifest. Will it be more of a classic Chex Mix or Gardetto’s flavor? Or will it lean more toward the tangy side, like salt and vinegar potato chips? It’s impossible to know until we try them. Interestingly enough, it seems that while Takis USA just posted about this new flavor a couple weeks ago, some internet digging revealed there was a limited edition product also called Takis Cobra out as early as 2017 or 2016, but it was only available in Mexico. As for what those Takis tasted like, it appears they were meant to be a more extreme “challenge” version of regular Takis (the back of the bag says “muy picante”), but most reviewers who tried them at the time seem to agree they weren’t that spicy.

Based on all of that, this new Takis flavor seems like it could be entirely different from the Takis Cobra that came out in 2017, and I for one cannot wait to see what kind of savory, tangy, umami, and (hopefully) spicy concoction Takis has cooked up for us this time. If Cobra Takis truly deliver on that Worcestershire flavor, who knows? Maybe they will go down in hisssstory as one of the best Takis flavors of all time.

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