The Best Frozen Entrees for a Quick, No-Prep Dinner

Look, making dinner is hard. Making dinner when you work all day is harder. Making dinner when you work all day, plus you don’t like cooking and also don’t know how, is hardest. We’ve gotchu fam, we feel your pain, and we want to make it all better because we here at Sporked love you like our own child. To that end, here are five of the best frozen entrees for when you just don’t feel like cheffin’ but do feel like eating some tasty food.

Giovanni Rana Meat Lasagna

There’s no denying it, lasagna is a whole meal. And this lasagna? Whooooo boi, are you in for a treat. Sporked contributor Danny Palumbo said it best when he wrote that “Giovanni Rana understands the art of lasagna.” They simply do. Not only did he call this lasagna “tasty, rich, meaty, and cheesy,” and say it “looks like homemade lasagna,” he also noted the use of ricotta cheese (which not all frozen brands use), as well as the crispy edges. This thing is as close to homemade as you can get without stacking all those damn pasta sheets yourself.

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Ramona’s Bean & Cheese Burrito

I get it, sometimes you want food in your mouth hole and you want it fast, hot, delicious, and portable. Miss ma’am, here is your solution. Senior writer Jordan Myrick called this “cheesy, beany, flavorful” burrito “easily the best frozen bean and cheese burrito we tried.” They also mentioned that they want to meet Ramona just to thank her for this glorious burrito. If you want to find and thank your frozen meal’s chef, you can tell the meal was pretty good. If you’re a gal on the go or just a lover of bean and cheese burritos, pick up some of these.

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Motor City Pizza Co. Detroit Style Supreme Deep Dish Pizza

Of course, we had to have a frozen pizza on this list, and if you are going to have frozen pizza anyway, may as well get one that rocks—for instance, this one. Editor-in-chief Justine Sterling was a fan of this particular pizza, saying that “Motor City has cracked it. Pillowy and doughy? Check. Cheesy, crispy edges? Check. Generous topping distribution? Check.” She even mentioned that she’s thought about this pizza multiple times since she tasted it. That’s some staying power. If you are a frozen pizza person (or even if you’re not), give this one a try.

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Banquet Turkey Pot Pie

Because this is a list of best frozen entrees, we had to include the classic. The icon. The microwaved dinner-for-one staple: the chicken pot pie. Incidentally, our favorite chicken pot pie here at Sporked isn’t a chicken pot pie at all—that’s right, it’s a turkey pot pie, baybee! And, boy, is this thing a delight. Also, for what it’s worth, it does contain some chicken. This bad boy is “made with chicken broth and rendered chicken fat too, making it an all-inclusive poultry pot pie,” and Danny also noted that the “full-fat flavor with creamy gravy, big dark meat turkey chunks, potatoes, carrots, and peas” made this pie the epitome of comfort food. Try this one out on a chilly night and enjoy the incomparable warmth of a piping-hot turkey pie.

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Trader Joe’s Pork Gyoza Potstickers

I have loved these Gyoza for many years and I am NOT shy about it. These are truly one of my favorite weeknight dinners, whether I’m adding them to some leftover broth from takeout, pan frying them until they’re crispy, or simply throwing them in the microwave with a wet paper towel. Suffice it to say, these gyoza and I have been through a lot together. But I’m not the only one who loves these, these are also Sporked’s favorite frozen dumplings. Jordan called them “juicy, flavorful, and meaty,” and noted that they are “gingery and, while super savory, have a hint of sweetness that is really pleasant.” They said they could eat a whole bag of these and, honestly, I could too.

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