9 Things We Would Actually Buy at Erewhon

Erewhon is an insane place. If you’re not familiar, this small Los Angeles grocery chain is home to the $18 Hailey Bieber smoothie and the highest concentration of influencers in the wild anywhere in L.A., which means it isn’t the grocery store for the average person. For the everyday commoner, a purchase from Erewhon should be carefully considered. You’re not coming here to pick up the groceries you’d normally grab when you swing by the store; you’re coming to people watch and browse and, sure, maybe pick up something that sounds totally amazing even though it costs a small fortune as a little treat for yourself. Lean into the vibe of the store and embrace some level of novelty and splurge a little—or just come along for the ride as I pick out some products I recently spotted in the aisles at Erewhon.

Little Saints Spicy Margarita Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

The first thing you’ll notice at Erewhon is the drink wall. A weirdly expensive yet enjoyable drink is a must-buy. One 8oz can of Little Saints spicy margarita mocktail may be a little pricey at $5.49. It does, however, deliver a kick of CBD, which seems like the right touch for a little drink to go with your order from the hot bar.

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Field Roast Plant Based Italian Sausage

Erewhon has a lot of interesting plant-based meat products, but they also have tried-and-true faves like these Field Roast Italian sausages. Chop up one of these links and serve it with some marinara sauce and pasta, and you’ve got yourself a dinner worth of the ol’ Insta feed.

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Bjorn Qorn Classic Popcorn

You’ve had popcorn, sure, but have you had popcorn dusted in nutritional yeast? I thought not! This is what influencers eat. They smuggle this into movie theaters across L.A. in one of their many Baggu tote bags so they don’t have to eat the suspiciously yellow popcorn from the concession stand. In all seriousness though, I’ve had Bjorn Corn and it’s damn good. It’s one of the Sporked crew’s favorite bagged popcorns, too.

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Canyon Coffee Organic Beachwood Blend

The Los Angeles grocery experience calls for a bag of genuine Los Angeles roasted coffee. And as someone who’s been to Canyon Coffee’s brick-and-mortar shop, I can tell you this is damn good coffee to boot. Grab a bag and bring it back to your place to feel like a true L.A. elitist.

Churn Parmesan & Pepper Butter

I tried this cacio e pepe inspired butter when the brand was handing out free samples, and I hate to admit it, but they absolutely got me. This stuff is insanely good. It’s perfect to throw in some pasta as a cheat code to cacio e pepe, or slather it on bread to make a bitchin’ grilled cheese.

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Cocojune Vanilla & Chamomile Coconut Yogurt

This is another product I can give my seal of approval. Not only does it just feel right to get a vegan yogurt from Erewhon, the Sporked crew can tell you that this is a great substitute (it’s their favorite dairy-free yogurt). You still get the cooling, creamy factor and it’s weirdly perfect as a sweet topping for pancakes—a great alternative if you don’t have any maple syrup on hand (or you couldn’t afford the maple syrup at Erewhon).

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Cilantro Lime Pepitas

This is what I imagine every influencer who shops at Erewhon snacks on instead of Doritos or Little Debbie’s cakes. But I will admit, these cilantro lime pumpkin seeds do sound good and I think it’s worth giving them a try. As an addition to your diet of Doritos and Little Debbie’s, though; not as an alternative.

NadaMoo Peanut Butter and Chocolate Frozen Snack Bites

A dairy-free frozen dessert seems right for Erewhon. And these snack bites look good. Granted, it is hard to mess up peanut butter and chocolate together, but hey. There’s something to be said for sticking with the classics. At a dollar a pop they are a little pricey, but just imagine you bought them from a bougie dairy-free ice cream store in Beverly Hills. That’s a steal!

Deluscious Vegan Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie

This is both somehow exactly what you’d expect to buy at Erewhon and the antithesis of what an influencer in the wild might be snacking on. Against all expectations, I can say from personal experience that this is delicious. A little on the pricey side ($5.49 per cookie) but this way you buy just one instead of a sheet of cookie dough that can bake up a dozen cookies from your local grocery store.

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