Tony the Tiger Has Entered the Gaming World with His Own Twitch Channel

Tony the Tiger contains multitudes: He is a bandana-wearing cartoon tiger who tells us that Frosted Flakes “taste gr-r-reat.” He is an athlete. He is the #1 hottest cereal mascot. And now, he’s…a VTuber! Yup, you can now watch Tony the Tiger on Twitch.

So why is Tony the Tiger on Twitch? And what the heck is a VTuber?

Well, according to Kellogg’s (aka the makers of Frosted Flakes, aka Tony’s parents), the point of putting Tony the Tiger on Twitch is to reach a new target demo—namely, the “31 million average viewers” who can be reached on the popular gaming platform. That’s a lot of gr-r-reat brand awareness. 

“But Jessica!!!” I hear you cry, “you still haven’t told us what a VTuber is!” Basically, a VTuber is a Twitch streamer who is “represented by a computer-generated avatar.” Usually these avatars take the form of an anime-style girl, but now Tony the Tiger has entered the fray. He kicked off his Twitch channel by playing a Battle Royale-type game in August against three popular streamers: Brennon ‘GoldGlove’ O’Neill, Chrissy Costanza, and Jakeem ‘BigCheese’ Johnson. You can check out Tony’s Twitch channel to watch that game and keep an eye out for any future Tony appearances. 

During that two-hour Twitch stream, Tony also debuted his personalized Frosted Flakes gaming set-up, which includes something called a “milk-cooled PC.” This is a computer that uses liquid to keep from overheating—and in this case, that liquid is milk. Apparently this is a real thing, although I’m not all that confident that milk will prevent ‘splosions and fires and keep Tony’s computer working at max capacity.

Bottom line is that this 70-year-old tiger has entered the Twitch streaming world where he is playing games and taking names. And given Tony’s commitment to actual sports (a-sports?), I have confidence that even though he was born in the 1950’s he can kick butt at e-sports as well.

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