An Honest Review of Trader Joe’s All Butter Sugar Cookie Dough

If you suck at baking or you lost your measuring spoons in the last move or you don’t have the counter space for a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, premade cookie dough is a life saver. Trader Joe’s recently released a few new cookie dough options: Super Chocolatey Chocolate Chunk, Gluten Free Super Chocolatey Chocolate Chunk, and All Butter Sugar Cookie Dough. We reviewed and liked Trader Joe’s two new chocolate chip cookie doughs (even though you can’t eat the dough raw, which should be illegal). But is this tube of sugar cookie dough a rush-out-and-buy product in its own right? We baked up a few batches to find out.

trader joe's all butter sugar cookie dough review

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Trader Joe’s All Butter Sugar Cookie Dough

First thing’s first: Pretty much all freshly baked cookies are good. Okay, maybe they suck if you really botch a batch by accidentally making them with salt instead of sugar, but if you’re dealing with premade cookie dough, you’re probably golden. Trader Joe’s All Butter Sugar Cookie Dough is good by being sugar cookie dough, but I have a few quibbles.

Pros: As we already established, they’re cookies so of course they’re good! This tube of sugar cookie dough makes cookies that are sweet and buttery and chewy right out of the oven (although they crisp up a bit as they cool). The instructions don’t say how thick you should slice the dough before you bake it (they simply instruct you to slice it rather than scoop spoonfuls onto your baking sheet), but I’d say half an inch is safe. If you like a super buttery sugar cookie, you may be able to eat more of these than I was able to.

Cons: Trader Joe’s All Butter Sugar Cookie Dough has a few downsides. The cookies might actually be too buttery for some people’s taste. They’re pretty greasy. The tube we bought was dangerously close to expiring (why would a brand-new product be so close to expiring right after hitting shelves??) and, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think cookies are good when you have to worry that the slightly funky dairy flavor in the dough actually means it’s past its prime. Of course, the biggest con is that, according to the packaging, you can’t eat the dough raw. If you insist on a few bites of raw dough when you make cookies, stick with Pillsbury. Personally, I wouldn’t rush out and buy this again.

Credit: Liv Averett / Trader Joe’s




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