Oop! Trader Joe’s New Ice Cream Flavor Was Leaked on TikTok

Trader Joe’s newest ice cream flavor just leaked, and no, not because someone left it in their hot trunk on a 106 degree day and forgot about it. (Not that that has ever happened to me…) Instead, this leak involved a new flavor being revealed online before it hit stores. My buddy ol’ pal TJ’s is involved in a SCANDAL?!?! Well, if you consider a prematurely leaked ice cream flavor to be scandalous, then yessirree, Trader Joe’s has really landed in it now. The item at the center of this scandal? Banana Pudding Ice Cream. 

The Banana Pudding Ice Cream was leaked on Tiktok before it had a chance to officially hit stores.

So, how did this happen? Was it some sort of marketing ploy to ride the coattails of the Minions-related banana hype while the movie is still in theaters? Or is the Trader Joe’s distribution warehouse actually run by Minions who got too excited about bananas and ran their mouths? Have I been thinking about Minions too much after seeing Minions: The Rise of Gru in theaters as a fully grown adult accompanied by zero children? (Maybe.)

As far as the cause of the leak, the answer seems to be simple and actually does not involve Minions. Apparently, a shipment of the yet-unreleased Banana Pudding Ice Cream arrived early at a Trader Joe’s store by accident, and an employee at the store, who goes by @anxioushungry on TikTok, took some of it home to try it, and made a video about it which, naturally, she posted on TikTok

As seen in the video, this new ice cream flavor is a “banana pudding flavored ice cream with a salted caramel swirl and vanilla wafer cookie pieces.” I’ve never really been a fan of banana pudding, but if that’s your thing, this seems right up your alley. According to @anxioushungry, her experience with the mysterious ice cream started off rocky but then smoothed out. “It’s interesting. I hated my first bite, and I was like, ew,” she says. “But then I kept eating it and I literally couldn’t stop.”

So it sounds like this ice cream is…good? If you are a fan of that classic Nilla Wafer/Banana Pudding combo, or if you are a bananas foster kind o’ gal, then definitely keep checking your Trader Joe’s freezer aisle for this flavor. Hopefully it will be there super soon to rock your world. No one knows when it will actually hit stores for real, but considering the fact that some pints have already been produced, my very uneducated guess is that this flavor will be out on the shelves lickety-banana-split.

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