Has the New Trader Joe’s Ranch Dressing Finally Broken TJ’s Ranch Curse?

Let’s face it: Trader Joe’s ranch has been an absolute failure in the past. I have zero trust in them when it comes to ranch dressing. I think there’s a ranch curse on TJ’s. The organic ranch? Bad. The sriracha ranch? Bad. The vegan ranch dip? Bad. I had fully lost hope in getting a good Trader Joe’s ranch.

The new buttermilk ranch dressing they have stocked next to their salad kits does seem intriguing, though. It looks creamy and is speckled with fresh herbs. Plus, it’s made with buttermilk (an ingredient that always enhances a ranch recipe). It comes refrigerated, which makes me think it will taste better. I don’t know exactly why I think that. I guess it’s the fact that it’s cold and sits on a shelf next to raw produce that makes it seem fresher than a shelf-stable bottle.

Can this Trader Joe’s new product end the Trader Joe’s ranch curse once and for all? Let’s find out!

trader joe's ranch

New Product!

Trader Joe’s Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

This Trader Joe’s new product may seem a little boring. I get it. Trader Joe’s ranch has existed for a while and you can get buttermilk ranch at basically any grocery store. But trust me when I tell you that this new Trader Joe’s ranch dressing is next level. It’s creamy. It’s herby. It has a slight tang. It tastes like restaurant-style ranch. This is a pretty good dupe for the California Pizza Kitchen ranch dressing (the restaurant, not the brand), which is top-tier ranch dressing. I brought the bottle home after this taste test because I wanted to continue to use it on salads, wraps, and pizza. Go buy Trader Joe’s Buttermilk Ranch. It will make you believe in TJ’s all over again!

Credit: Liv Averett / Trader Joe’s




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  • Flavor wins over convenience so I’ll make the packet every time, the restaurant style with buttermilk. HV ranch from the bottle is worse than no dressing at all.