We Tried New Trader Joe’s Chocolatey Drizzled Strawberry Kettle Popcorn

Whether kettle corn conjures memories of going to the county fair or of selling it in a grocery store parking lot to raise funds for your middle school’s half-baked middle school theater department, it’s quite the nostalgic, all-American treat. Okay, maybe this is just my perception of the salty-sweet snack, but there’s something very wholesome about kettle corn.

It’s a perennial favorite in its classic form, but leave it to Trader Joe’s to drizzle it and sprinkle it and create something totally new. TJ’s recently released Chocolatey Drizzled Strawberry Kettle Popcorn, a bagged treat that combines kettle corn, freeze-dried strawberry pieces, and a “chocolatey drizzle.” Trader Joe’s describes this combination as a “harmonious union,” and I couldn’t think of a better way to describe this flavor fusion.

trader joe's popcorn review chocolatey drizzle strawberry popcorn

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Trader Joe’s Chocolatey Drizzled Strawberry Kettle Popcorn

Full disclosure: I am not a popcorn fan. The kernels get stuck in your teeth. It’s awkward to share at the movie theater. And according to Scream, making popcorn is linked with being murdered so, yeah, not falling for your trap, Ghostface. That said, this Chocolatey Drizzled Strawberry Popcorn is really good. Like, so good I could probably finish a bag in one sitting.

Pros: All of the flavors complement each other so freaking well! The sweetness of the chocolatey drizzle balances out the saltiness of the popped corn, while the sweetness is countered by the tartness of the freeze-dried strawberry bits.  They weren’t lying about that harmonious union stuff. There’s also a perfect amount of each component, which allows you to keep stuffing your face with this popcorn without feeling like you’ve had too much chocolatey, strawberry goodness. For the life of me I couldn’t place what the kettle popcorn tasted like until managing editor Gwynedd Stuart noted that it has a strawberry shortcake quality. Something about the lightly sweet flavor and the airiness of popcorn really do make each handful taste like little bites of slightly crunchy strawberry shortcake.

Cons: Really the only con (besides kernels getting caught in your teeth, but that comes with the territory) is that this new Trader Joe’s popcorn can get a little messy because the chocolate melts against the warmth of your fingertips as you eat. But as an unabashed finger-licker, I kind of enjoyed it. I will say, if you are expecting a treat that is only sweet, you might be surprised by the savory nature of the popcorn and the tang of the strawberries, but I bet the drizzle will keep you coming back for more.




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