Trolli’s New Gummy Worms Are ‘Bursting’ with Goo

My first introduction to Trolli products was in the hot lunch line at my junior high, where Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers (sour gummy worms) were the only candy product. So I believed Trolli was just a “school lunch gummy worm brand” until the day I spotted Trolli Sour Brite Eggs (sour jelly beans) at a local frozen yogurt shop. That’s when I knew Trolli was more than just a lunch line gummy worm (turns out, that’s not a thing). Trolli was, and is, a big deal. But this new release might be, at least in my opinion, the biggest thing the gummy juggernaut has ever done. 

This new item is called Sour Bursting Crawlers. Yes, you read that right, bursting. These “crawlers” (what Trolli calls worms, which makes no sense because worms don’t crawl but I try not to let it bother me) have a gooey, fruity, sour filling inside. Think Gushers but worm shaped, super sour, and multi-flavored. There are four different flavor combos (species?) available and they all sound absolutely bomb: Strawberry/Grape, Blue Raspberry/Strawberry, Mango/Fruit Punch, and Cherry/Pineapple. I mean, come on, Blue Raspberry/Strawberry sour gushers that are shaped like worms? The only thing more majestic would be if they were shaped like Bryce Canyon National Park or Mount Rushmore or Lil’ Sebastian the miniature horse (may he rest in peace). And more good news: In addition to Trolli bringing these amazing feats of molecular gastronomy (okay, more like food manufacturing) into the world, they’re also doing a giveaway to promote the product. If you are as into the idea of “deliciously explode-y” (Trolli’s words) gooey gummies as I am, you can enter the sweepstakes here, where you’ll also find an only-slightly-disturbing video of an exploding sour gummy worm (which sounds suspiciously like Kristen Schaal) sing about how much it wants to be eaten. 

I’m not exaggerating when I say that I WILL buy these as soon as I possibly can. I saw some gushers in Target earlier this week and didn’t buy them, and while I’ve managed to live with that regret, I will not be repeating my mistake when I see these little bursting worms on the shelf. I mean, they are literally asking to be eaten. 

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